Miko Adventures (Puffball update!) A MASSIVE NEW UPDATE ! 😮


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Is the screenshot supposed to look messed up or is my computer having problems again?


Your computer is fine :smile:


Love the hidden message :wink:


I’m happy to announce that I’m currently working on a MASSIVE new update for Miko’s Adventures!

There will be new content,
New gameplay mechanics,
New adventures,
New stories to tell about Miko,
Performance will increase OVER 150% from the original released version.
Massive new graphic improvements (Tons of world improvments to the point where I draw all the levels again, game now works in full HD resolution and everything is detailed and sharp now, and a LOT MORE!!),
Basically it will be a whole new experience. (Seriously the update notes will be massive when it’s released)
The update will most likely move the game from a free-to-play state into a paid state (a commercial title).

I just want to say that this was not possible without your amazing support on the game over the last 8 months and still to this day the support has just been amazing on the game, I’m honestly grateful to be in a community like this one :heart:
Expect some new cool updates soon! :purple_heart:
Also … pssssst!!! here is a sneak peak :heart: