Miko Adventures: Puffball devlog 😮


@convictedweirdo Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
It’s getting closer and closer everyday :wink:
@RIR360 Thanks a lot, I’ll take another look at it very soon and fix it :slight_smile:


Same location, same level…

New (Puffball)

Improvements in visuals is just one aspect of many more in the upcoming Miko Adventures: Puffball
I’m doing my best to create a unique and a fun experience.
I hope you like what you see so far :slight_smile:


So someone asked me a question and it was how long is the game? will I buy … finish it then throw it?

Short answer: 100% no you won’t throw it after you finish it …
Long answer: So to answer this question you need to know that Miko Adventures: Puffball has a lot of replayability value in it… (and I mean a lot).
The game is designed to make you get back to it, to make you feel greedy, and to make you feel you want more all the time…
The game will have secrets, small puzzles to solve, different types of enemies (each with it’s own way to kill), tons of diamonds to collect, lots of achievements to finish, etc…
Also, let’s not forget that each time you play a level you’ll notice that your style of play or the way you traverse the level may change with time.
At the moment of writing this, there’ll be 5 medals for each level to get (might add more in the future…),
The more effort you put in the level, the more danger you put your self into, the more obstacles you face, the more decisions you make … the more rewards you get and the more you feel like you really accomplished something.
Difficulty levels don’t exist in “Miko Adventures: Puffball”… It’s in the way you play the game …
It’s really hard to decide how long Miko Adventures: Puffball is but if you want to get 100% completion let’s say you’ll have to play between “8 - 15 hours” (Maybe less maybe more … it depends on your skills and your way of approaching each obstacle you face)…
Hope this answers this question :slight_smile:


Same level … same position

New (Puffball)


Miko Adventures: Puffball “Official Logo WIP”

Some new stuff …

  • Movement of Miko is heavier than before, it feels a lot better to control him and a lot more fluid (he is not floaty anymore).
  • The fireball collision mask is updated making it a lot more capable (for example it can reach smaller places than before making the shooting feel a lot more responsive).
  • Added tons of new animations.
  • Fixed Tons of other animations in game for monsters and objects making it more appealing and more fluid.
  • Removed Ladders from the game (It didn’t add any meaning to the gameplay and it’s boring to just stay climbing on a ladder, not very interactive and felt flat, pressing one key to climb is not good in any game, hurts the feel of the game).
  • More secrets in levels … (I’m thinking of adding interesting stuff in the future for that).
  • Added to the to do list more enemy ideas, new game play mechanics, new ways to approach the level, etc…
  • Massive improvements in graphics (huge leap forward) each level is unique (like crazy unique), each part feels different … I made sure to not make you feel tired, bored or burned out of the gameplay, each level feels like a new world waiting for you to explore.
  • Massive improvements in level design (Caves, flat surfaces, slopes, etc…).
  • Performance improvements with less loading times and more optimization the whole game (no loading screens inside levels making it a lot more immersive to explore, you’re always moving, collecting stuff, shooting stuff, etc… no annoying loading screens).
    A lot more is coming …


It’s always impressive!

I don’t remember anymore, so i ask this question to you : will your game be saled?
In the affirmative, how high will the price of the game?

Again, well done and thanks by advance to give responses to my questions.


Is puffball another game or an update? It is honestly hard to say at this point :sweat_smile:. Will “upgrading” from Miko’s adventure to puffball cost something?



Thanks a lot : )


The price of the game is not yet decided, It’s something I decide at the end of development … but I imagine it’ll be from 5$ up to 10$ based on the final finished game…


At this point, I can say it’s totally a different game, it’s the concept as before but like … with crazy improvements and added content and tons of other stuff that it reached a point where it feels like whole new game by it self not just an update.

Yes, “Miko Adventures: Puffball” is a separate game, a different experience, it will have a whole new page on itch .io, and it’ll be available in different stores as well when possible, I’ll be going with a new bigger marketing approach to reach as much people as I can.
Also a new website for Coriander Games that will have the game, presskit and more information is coming on the way…
I’m trying this time to learn from my mistakes when I first started and I’m trying to do everything in a professional way and go as big as I can with this one, I just feel like Miko deserves to be out there in the market and I’ll be doing my best to make this happen…
But first … I need to Finish It … and other things comes next …
“One step at a time”
Wish me luck :smile:


Miko parkour :smile:



Your game will be a success, surely!


@Amigo54 I really hope so, thank you for believing in what I do :wink:


Drawing some fragile blocks…
New gameplay mechanic and a new way to traverse a level…
Early progress …


It’s been a while since I was active in any social platform … was working non stop on the game for almost 15 hours everyday for the past 2 weeks, here are some of the new stuff (it’s a lot to remember but I’ll do my best) :smile:
Here we go…

  • Made the jump more fluid and much more stable.
  • Fixed a bug where Miko might get stuck in some platforms.
  • Added camera shake for Miko when he gets hit (adds a really good feeling when getting hit by an enemy) … so when you hit an enemy > the camera shakes BUT if you get hit again while Miko is blinking (recovery time) > it won’t shake a second time in the same blinking … why? … I though a lot about this and I wanted to make the player feel the hit and make him a bit disoriented but what’s the point of making him disoriented for a second time in the same recovery time? just felt it’s not fair and thought to make it happen only on the first impact (this won’t be noticed btw maybe I don’t know, but it’s one of those little details in this game).
    OK moving on…
  • Blinking works better now for Miko (recovery time).
  • Added death animation for Miko. (so when you die, you’re not instantly in the game over menu, it’s much more fluid).
  • Added “Life 0” for Miko … it was a bug that stayed there for over 2 years and it’s fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug where fireball would not recharge.
  • Fixed a bug where fireball would not recharge at the same rate (which is every x seconds or millisecond you get 1 fireball to shoot).
  • Made the fireball recharge a bit slow (which makes the player use it wisely and not spam the key, I just like to give purpose to every key you press, no spamming in this game 100% guaranteed).
  • New smooth collecting animation, I made it feel really nice (You’re going to love it, trust me!).
  • Crystals shine more and a lot more interesting to look at.
  • Crystals score is changed (some gives you 1 while others give you 10 and so on…).
  • Added more crystals to collect in the level which make the play time much much longer with the exploring aspect of the game (you’ll have a lot more fun basically…).
  • Fixed a bug where crystals won’t be registered when you collect them…
  • Fixed an animation bug with the diamond you get from killing enemies.
  • Made a totally new HUD (drawn and designed, took inspiration from over 20 games and made something that works for everyone, well hopefully).
  • HUD has 2 states now … detailed and concentrated (You don’t need to choose, both are active all the time) … You start the level and the detailed HUD is visible showing you how many diamonds are needed to get the bronze, silver, gold medal and you have a counter for how many enemies are there there also you got a counter for secrets in the level (everything you finish in any of these rewards you with medals) … After 8 seconds the HUD automatically goes into a more specific simpler version where it only shows your health and that’s it … but what if you want to check the HUD to see what you collected and what’s left? … Well I got you my friend … at any moment when you’re in game you can check the detailed HUD by pressing “C” … Now you don’t need to worry about numbers and stuff, all you have in game is an interactive HUD that works for you when you need it (More immersion).
  • Added a new animation for the HUD.
  • Added a new animation for the fireball refill.
  • Added a blinking animation when you’re out of fireball (which let’s you know that you need to wait for a moment to let it recharge but at this time you’re defenseless until it recharges).
    Menus (UI):
  • Finally there is a whole new system for UI is being added (I’m actually working on it while typing this…yup it’s my life now…).
  • Added a new fully working “Game over” menu inside the level scene (which is huge for me because it’ll make me remove almost 14 useless scenes from the game).
  • Added a new fully working “Pause menu” >>> (A huge step for me…)
  • Fixed an annoying bug with the mouse cursor (finally!).
  • Added a slow motion when you die (which honestly makes you feel bad for Miko :cry:, but don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’re going to get him killed many many many … times :smiling_imp::grin:).
    Game structure:
  • The game events and whole structure is like 20 times better to work with now, it’s simple, it’s clean, it gets to the point and 70% of events works on the whole game once you change them once. (This helps me a lot with development as it allows me to concentrate a lot more on the game not the events).
  • Game is a bit more stable … why? … I did some events to removes some of the objects that not needed once the scene starts which helps a bit with performance … it feels really nice now.
    That’s not all … just some of it, a lot more to come in the future.
    I’ll be going on a vacation for a week (need to clear my mind for a bit and honestly take a rest, I’ve been working like a machine) …
    Anyway I really hope you enjoy what you see so far :slight_smile:
    See you soon everyone … and as always … stay awesome! :heart:


Hello Khaled!
You are working a lot, is’nt it?
It’s your job if i understand well.
How many games have you already made?


@Amigo54 at the time yes It is what I do, I released Miko’s Adventures (old version).
Now I’m working on Miko Adventures: Puffball (the full polished game).


I’m still here …
Been adding new puzzle concepts (made the game so unique!)
Also adding new types of enemies.
Enjoy the latest pic I released (In-game)…

Stay awesome!


You have some talent for graphics! It’s evident.
Well done and good next work.

How much does your game weigh?


@Amigo54 thank you so much, it’s a combination of tons of free, paid assets and some I drew myself.
The hard thing about this is to match everything together to make the are style look and feel the same all over the game.
So most of the time I don’t use ready made assets into the game but it has to go through into photoshop for tons of edits and color changing to match the style of other assets.
It’s a fun process but a difficult one for sure.

You mean the size of the game? If so … I would assume it’s anywhere from 600 mb to 2 gb
If you mean the system requirements, then it’s hard to tell because it’s very difficult for me to test the game on many devices but I’m sure that most devices and pc will handle it just fine …
More of that in the future though … So keep following for more news :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for your response.
Have you tested your game on several mobile devices if this last is planned to work on it?
Because i think the size of your game is very higher and this can cause issues on this category of devices.
If your game is planned for PC, i suppose there are no problems.