Miko Adventures: Puffball devlog 😮


I like the cuteness of the game :). Seems like a good place to chill. Will buy it today


Thanks you so much :slight_smile:


So I’m just going to put this here :no_mouth:


:open_mouth: beautifull. Cant wait…is there like a date of release allready ? Or it will come when it comes…


Thanks a lot @StudioGrcar : )
So I just don’t want to put a release date until I’m 100% the game is ready, there is still a lot more to finish and do so I don’t want to rush anything because of a deadline or something like it, I’m just doing my best and when I feel it’s ready, a teaser, a gameplay trailer and then a release trailer will be out.
The teaser will be coming soon…


I want to thank @Gruk for his help today with the knockback effect, I’ve been trying for a long time to make it happen but never succeeded, I just love this community :heart:
I mean I never really asked about something here and never found a solution for it, there is just too many good people here that will help you no matter how crazy or simple your problem is, I’m always learning here :heart:
And because I love this community, here is a small clip showing something totally new I’m working on + the knockback effect … there is a lot of new stuff in this new world!

As always stay awesome :heart:


The first official gameplay reveal Surprise!!! :star2::raccoon:
Enjoy 1 min and 30 sec of “Miko Adventures: Puffball” gameplay!


Today I improved how Miko walks on rocky or sandy terrain, which helps me create even more cool looking and complicated environments…

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A WIP for a new level I’ve been creating today for “Miko Adventures: Puffball” … this is just 20% done .
This level will have many surprises and cool stuff to explore while keeping the challenge at the top.




In-game from the new level…
“Miko Adventures: Puffball”


And here it is, the new cave IN GAME!!! :heart:
Let me know what you think?


A new level is 95% finished :star2:
Consists of 2 separate biomes!!
Game is challenging (as always) and full of surprises for you to explore :star2:
Hope you like what you see so far :heart:


What are light green square on first screen ? Crate/ladder ?

I see lot of objects ^^, how you organize all these stuff ?


@Bouh Yeah there are tons of objects :smile: but I optimize everything so it doesn’t affect even 1 fps of the performance of the game.
The light green objects are for the monsters to jump on and move around platforms (something that I’ll show soon in a video).
About the background I draw it in Photoshop (drawing can take a week full time…) then slice it in separate pictures (this allows me to add details as much as I need without affecting the performance at all).
and then comes the second layer (platforms)
there are 3 types of platforms:-
1- one for grabbing ledges (dark green) (Kink helped me with this one)
2- one for just walking on, walls, or just places with nothing to grab on (red)
3- jump through platforms (on the mushrooms and stuff like that) (pale blue)
then comes the crystals and how I put them around the level
then (jugs - boxes)
then monsters and how they move and interact with the environment.
then puzzles (if there is any)
then secrets
and a lot more…
and finally optimization … like removing objects that I don’t like or stuff like that to maintain stable fps all the time.
A single level could take from a week to 1 month to finish… (usually 3 weeks)
And yeah that’s like 10% of what’s actually there :sweat_smile:
I mean there are pages and pages of coding and stuff … a lot of stuff … just too many :crazy_face:
But hey I love it and that’s what matters the most : )
The most important thing about this is to just keep everything tidy like using tags, naming folders, objects, assets and the place of everything … also cleaning your code to the most simple thing it could be in so that if you leave the game for a while and come back you don’t feel overwhelmed (also if helps with performance a little)…
And yeah life is good, it’s hard but it’s good :smile:
Hope that answers your question :smile:


Awesome work! So cool seeing such a large game being developed. I hope you can share some insight about how you manage optimisation on such large levels.


@convictedweirdo Thanks a lot :wink:
Yeah I was thinking of uploading some videos while I create or draw levels, it’s always fun to share behind the scenes stuff.


I uploaded a new small gameplay for “Miko Adventures: Puffball” (No sound FX)
Hope you like what you see far :heart:


New level WIP…
20% done
This is the biggest level so far in dimensions (not in content), going to be a real challenge for me to optimize it… but I’m so ready for it : )
Dimensions of the level are above (21800*14500)
More updates will be coming for this level…



My buddy Cadbury … we played today after I finished some work on the game :heart::rabbit:
Don’t mind his sleepy eyes (he got some cold)
Pray for him to get better soon :cry:
He is my best friend…