Miko Adventures: Puffball devlog 😮


Oh you’re going to love those tutorials, worked so hard on them.
Goal was to make them:-
1- Easy to understand :ok_hand:
2- Cute
Adding details to level 4 soon!


Awesome everything is ready for me to get back to work on the game, starting on next Sunday!
Today I’ll do some testing on the new Gdevelop beta 83 … looks really nice!
Stay awesome everyone : )
Regular updates are coming back soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to see you back. Glad to see Miko is still in the works :grinning:


@convictedweirdo Thanks a lot and yup Miko is still going :slight_smile:
Stopped for a while because of college and stuff but finally I have about 2 months to work on the game almost full time.


So I’ve been re-drawing a level to add more details and make it a lot more polished and also to combine static objects to increase performance by a lot, I finished just the basic art in the level, next I’ll add it in the engine, start coding and editing…


This is a snowy level ? Think to add some snow effect with particules :slight_smile: and why not some overlay with ice flocon, Miko will have gift for christmas :stuck_out_tongue: ?


@Bouh Well … Nope it’s a chocolate level so yeah … No Christmas for Miko I guess :smile:
It’s sad though I’ll say that :smile:


Awesome… a new level is fully optimized in Miko Adventures!
Now to the fun part … POLISHING :star2:
Today I’m adding details to 3 levels to make them look cool and beautiful!


Here is a new screenshot showing a full comparison in one small section in a level…
Miko Adventures (Original release vs The upcoming PuffBall update)


To be honest, I like the less detail in the background better in the original image.
The problem is that I can’t really tell what is it that I can collide with and jump on top and things like that. Everything seems to be at the same level.
Could use some blur and shadow effect on things that supposed to be distant objects in the background and during gameplay some scrolling effect could be nice too imo :+1:


@ddabrahim Thanks a lot for your feedback, and yeah I 100% agree with your opinion, There will be another small edit in the colors for background that should make it distinct from the rest of the main platforms.
“and during gameplay some scrolling effect could be nice too”
I tried to add that but the performance gets affected by a lot … so I just removed it from the game, It looks cool but makes the game lag a lot and stuff like that…


Make that scrolling an option so persons with a good setup can enable it if they want.


@arthuro555 Hmm… Cool idea, I’ll see what I can do about it … thanks for the suggestion.


Watching these screenshots makes want to eat some cake. Your game looks very appetizing.


@KeGaMo Haha thanks a lot :smile:
Glad you like it.


Alright look I’m working on a new MASSIVE thing for “PuffBall”
But I just want to show it in the best way possible, and that will take me some time so I have a massive new surprise coming soon!
So yeah, umm… cute bunny time?



I think I’ve seen that bunny before. Can’t wait to see the update.


What? am I taking too long to create buffball update? Just look the walk particle change color based on what block Miko is standing on … now how cool is that? :smile:


Can you also add a level creator?


@arthuro555 hmm… It’s not really in my plans atm, but maybe after release I will start thinking about it who knows. Thanks for the suggestion though, I like hearing ideas like that a lot.