Memory and Math Minis [New Game]


Three simple matching games in one.
Cost: Free

Based off of the “pairs” example included in GDevelop. If anyone knows whom I should credit for the basic code and some assets, please advise so I can do so. Thanks!


A hard game got harder :fearful:


I love it :slight_smile:


Have it in my bookmarks, just to listen to music, chill and play


Thank you for playing and making my day; I’m happy to hear it is being enjoyed. :grin:


Thank you for checking it out!

Which is hardest, the math or memory, or both? :slight_smile:

Sorry for double post


Sure :slight_smile: I am glad, you could make more of these games :slight_smile: Straightfoward mind games. I also like the sounds and animations when you play this game, it gives you nice feeling.