Magical miri (we are on steam!)


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Hello everyone, Studio Roxis here!
First of all, we have a NEW TRAILER HERE===>

We posted a topic about our game on February 2018, but we couldn’t edit it, so we made this new one to show you more advances. It’s taking so long to finish it because we are working in our free time, but we hope to release it this year 2019.

As you know this is a game about a magic apprentice and we are planning to release it on Steam and, maybe Humble Bundle too.

We added a lot of facial expressions to dialogs (almost 100 different).

Designed a new menu screen.
All the music is finished.
Added sound effects.
Now each level has its own game over art.
Voices were added too, with the help of a friend of us. (We think she did a great job)
We integrated a new unlockable minigame.
Added some perks to help you increase your stats.

Here are some screenshots:

(Less censored in the game)

Thank you for your support. Feel free to comment!
See you soon!


Looks Great!
Keep up the great work.

NexZen Studios


its looks so cool…is it for pc?


Thank you so much!!!


Hello Ruhan, yes it is for PC. Thank you!!


Hi, i’d like to ask for you to remove the nude picture, alot of the people that frequent these forums are very young. Some consideration would be much appreciated.


Hi audze! We edited the image. Thank you for your observation.


Thanks and much appreciated.


The game is amazing and great.


very good. The overall picture is very good!


Thank you! we put all our effort on it :smiley:


You’ll have to play it, we are sure you’ll love it hahaha
Thank you!


Checkout the new trailer here ==>


Looks fun :slight_smile: