[LIST] What GDevelop 5 can/have and cannot/doesn't have

Hello. About a week ago I made this list. If something is missing or wrong, then you can write about it in the comments. This will help many new GDevelop 5 users.

What GDevelop 5 can/have:

  1. You can customize the appearance of the cursor for the game using events

  2. You can create spring physics

  3. You can edit the positions of the point (or points) (for example, for a shooter game)

  4. You can use inventory for games

  5. You can create a parallax effect

  6. You can add a follow camera for the player

  7. You can enable/disable blurring images of sprites and objects

  8. You can add a video (for example, this is a game cut-scene)

  9. You can add in-game purchases to the game

  10. You can create a program to create levels

  11. You can create your own primitive drawing program (the program contains an example of this type)

  12. You can create a game with physics

  13. You can create a checkpoint in the game

  14. You can change the position of objects along the z-axis, that is, overlap or interchange

  15. You can create games for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and HTML5

  16. You can use ads in your games

  17. You can use and distribute your game as you wish, because the game you created is ABSOLUTELY YOUR![1]

  18. You can change the transparency of objects with events and actions

  19. You can create a pseudo 3D game from a first person (it will take a lot of time)[2]

  20. You can use save progress for the game

  21. You can create a dialog tree using Yarn

  22. You can copy and paste events from one program window to another!

  23. You can create Instant Facebook games

  24. You can use timers and timedelta

  25. You can use tiled image sprite

  26. You can create a game with a character selection

  27. You can create a shooter game

  28. Can be added to the game high score

  29. You can add a rating system after passing the level

  30. You can create a ragdoll game with characters whose bodies consist of “bones”

  31. You can use the same external events in several scenes at once[3]

  32. You can use the grid and change its weight and height

  33. You can create isometric games

  34. You can use rope physics[4]

  35. You can use particles (only round and with a selection of colors, but with choosing images for the particles themselves)

  36. You can use JavaScript

  37. You can change the screen size

  38. You can change the size of the territory of the scene

  39. You can create an RPG game

  40. You can create a visual novel

  41. You can add a screenshot function on your smartphone (using Cordova, NodeJS and JavaScript)[17]

  42. You can create and edit sprites in Piskel (this is not a typo)

  43. You can add geolocation (using JavaScript)[5]

  44. You can create a scroll screen

  45. Have a Debugger

  46. ​​Have a vibration function

  47. There is an accelerometer function

  48. You can create a game with multiplayer, but with JavaScript[15] (as @arthuro555 said, peer to peer networking will be added today or tomorrow)

  49. You can quite simply add a screenshot function on the computer

  50. You can either open a project in GDevelop 4, which was created in the new GDevelop 5, and vice versa (about this told @RapaGameZ, but I don’t remember): a file project that was created in the old GDevelop 4 (note: some functions of the project will not work)

  51. You can add a save game progress

  52. You can add shadow effect (in menu “Effects”) (thanks to @Ruhan for explaining)

  53. You can copy/clone scene (select all ctrl+c and go to new scene ctrl+v)

  54. You can use Timedelta for “Else” and “Else if”

  55. You can use several random math functions that can be used for various things

  56. You can load your project on Github and share it for people to contribute (thanks, @Gruk)

  57. The offline exports have no limits (only the online exports are limited)

  58. You can create match 3 games[14]

  59. There’s TTS (Text to Speech) in GDevelop 5 (thanks to Athuro555)[6]

  60. There’s multitouch function[13]

  61. You can add a custom hitbox

What GDevelop 5 cannot/does not have:

  1. You cannot use a sprite sheet (this is in the roadmap on Trello)

  2. There is no light effect (only available in GDevelop 4 for native games)[7][8]

  3. Missing trail effect (you can use Particles or copy Player’s sprite on scene and then change opacity with it’s position on scene instead trail effect, also you can watch this video: https://youtu.be/soavy3n-08w, and use example in description under video)

  4. You cannot create 3D games

  5. You cannot split the screen, but without JavaScript[16]

  6. You cannot load .gif animation

  7. You cannot use image files with other extensions that differ from those supported by the program. Only image extensions .jpg and .png image formats are supported.

  8. No fluid effect

  9. It is impossible to develop a game collectively (but @Bouh answered the question about it[9])

  10. It is impossible to make objects flexible (this applies to physics)

  11. You cannot record sound/music[10]

  12. There is no event of type “Random”: you should use variables (see http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop5/all-features/variables)

  13. The number of exported projects is limited: 2 times a day for free. Need more exports? You need to subscribe to GDevelop and pay a certain amount of money (depends on the type of paid subscription - there are 2 of them)[11]

  14. Impossible to do non-convex custom hitbox

  15. There is no tilemap (in roadmap: https://trello.com/c/vJacNvXq, but @blurymind works on it: https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop/issues/503[12])

  16. You cannot play music until you tap / click somewhere on the screen. Alternative way: just use the “Play audio” event

  17. there is no way to turn off anti-aliasing of all images in one go (solution: https://youtu.be/BSwUT7PYJP0)

[1] Licensing question
[2] Pseudo 3D Examples
[3] The trick about External Events (Easy i think)
[4] "Ninja Rope" pendulum swinging with Platformer behavior
[5] Geolocation API (solved)
[6] https://editor.gdevelop-app.com/?project=example://text-to-speech
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[9] [Solved] Create games in group
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There is a basic shadow effect in GDEVEOP EFFECT MENU

What is this?

I think you can use while event for this

There is a manual method

I agree :sob::sob:

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I’ll correct this

For example:

Wait 5 sec -> Hide object

I’ll correct this
Also, related topic: "If else" event (We have a solution)

I’ll correct this

Thank you for help :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh! we had this
You can do this with time delta :blush:

This can be done with particle system

Select all ctrl+c … go to new scene ctrl+v

Also users want use this effect like ghost behind player, like in “Megaman X” or “Megaman Zero” videogames

Okay. Copying of scene on Trello roadmap. Anyway I’ll add your information to list

About that do you mean this one? :point_right: Here

Yes, I meant this. But can user use the tween function instead trail effect?

Also, I meant with trail effect Player’s “ghost” is disappears, not at situation with Mouse Trail Effect

Well using the method of mouse trail you can make player trail effect.:blush:

Edit: I forgot to share this Video from rapa games

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  1. There are several random math functions that can be used for various things.
  2. You can load your project on github and share it for people to contribute.
  3. The offline exports have no limits. Only the online exports are limited.
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@Gruk, thank you very much with help!

@Ruhan, thank you for help too!

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I belive there was a example for that which was tagged with javascript example

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I remeber, in GDevelop 4 or GDevelop 5 was an real example. I don’t remember, in which version it was

In gd5 there is a tts example: https://editor.gdevelop-app.com/?project=example://text-to-speech

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Thank you, @Arthuro555! I edited paragraph now

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Peer to peer networking will be added today or tomorrow :eyes:

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Peer to peer just got merged!


Um… @arthuro555, is it okay, if I yesterday created a video about this list and uploaded it? Is it okay?

It’s your list you can do whatever you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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