Let's share life stories with creating of your first own games


Hello. I offered you this idea, because I want to create a demo version of a completely free game for PC on New Year’s holidays. I would like to know how you started creating your first game, how it went, etc. No matter which engine you used or using, only stories and personal experience are important


I didn’t finished any. does it matter?


My first published Gdevelop game was buried in Play-store. At the time I hadn’t realized how many games existed already.

I was playing with the engine for about 2 months, before having something worthy to publish. And the game actually looked decent.

Although I didn’t understand what makes a good game, at the time. I was just copying other games mechanics. And tried to write a (“How to make a mobile game in under a month manual”) on my notebook.

I now know that to make a worthy game in 2019 takes a lot more time and effort. There are over 200.000 games on itch io. So if you want your game to be successful you have to create a Gem (supported with good marketing).

Little by little, my games started improving since then. And I always thought it would be cool to have thousands of people playing your games.

But there’s still a long way to go.


Nothing wrong. You can tell a story if you want


I don’t quite remember if it truly was the first time, but I’ve experimented a bit with Rpg Maker (And I had a actually bought it unlike 90% of their community). I was at, uuuhh, IDK the English names, the school where you go when you are ≈ 9-10 years old. I attended a German school, and in German class, we had to imagine as the whole class a novel, with characters, a plot, etc. This exercise in general was a complete failure from the class, with completely unoriginal characters, near to no plot, character names that were copied from other popular novels or were just random keys mashed on a keyboard. I really liked that project and even if I had problems in German as I am french in a German school, I tried to invest myself much. At the end, seeing it was a failure, I tried to catch the attention of my other classmates who just took German class as an additional pause where they just talked about random stuff with a video game version of the prologue that was the only true part written down and approved by everyone (even if it is bad). My game was much better than the written version and would have maybe revived the project if everyone wasn’t too lazy to actually download it :’-( . There is still this one girl that continued to write the rest of the story (it must be like 500 000 pages right now :persevere:) and never agreed to let someone read more than one chapter :thinking:. Well, this was a fail, but whatever, it was my first videogame


Unlike most people I didn’t have a vision for a specific game that I wanted to make a reality, only wanted to know how games are made in general.
The only thing I knew was games are made with something called “programming”. So I searched for programming and discovered there were many “programming languages” and told some of them are more beginner friendly than others. So than I searched for a “beginner friendly programming language” and at the time a language called “Pascal” come up the most often so I started learning Pascal.

My very first program was doing nothing but built a trianlge on the screen from * symbols.


Though it was not a game but the idea I wrote a program that print this on the screen was super exciting for me. After a learned a bit more about statements, loops, variables, my very first “game” was a text based number guessing game where the computer was think of a random number in range 1-10 and you had 3 chance to guess this number. If your guess was wrong and less than the random number it did print the message on the screen “the number is higher” if it was higher than it print the message “the number is less”. If you used all 3 chances, the program offer you the chance to quit the game by pressing 1 or restart by pressing 2. If you was correct, the program displayed the message “you were correct” and how many attempts required to find the correct number and the options to quit or restart.

After I learned about how to display images on the screen not only text and started to develop an adventure game that took place in an abandoned school at night with monsters and ghosts of course and you had choices to make which room you want to go in, what do you want to do, what items you want to use and each step you had a different image displayed to get immersed. But it was almost required to make my own game engine from scratch in Pascal which after certain point I did not enjoyed, I did enjoy working on the game but not the engine. So then I searched for game engines and that was the time when I get lost between the many choices like XNA, DarkBasic, BlitzBasic, FPS Creator, Game Editor, Game Maker, 3D Rad…etc and my story with game making turned in to frustration and failure with no success and never finished anything because I was engine hopping every 2 weeks and I had new game ideas every 2 seconds.

I never since my very first Pascal program felt excited about game making ever again, I just kind of want to know how staff can be done and interested how certain engine works and here I am slowly lose interest completely.


I literally had the greatest time finding out how to do little stuff on the platform. But once I figured out most of all the basics the little details kicked my butt. Still trying to learn save data that’s the only thing I cannot seem to get right. But nonetheless my game is still on the Google play store pending an update


I remember in 2002, my father bought us a new computer, the brand was “microlux”, i was very happy that day, i remember i set up harry potter and SEGA games and Neo Geo games, since that day my dream became building a professional game and i am now make many tutorials in Unity3D and Gdevelop and Phaser3 to make my best game.