Let's discuss about Google Play Store


I am not sure about this. See this for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iq1UCcHs4Q&t=592s
To me that sounds even worse than google lol


Hmm, I think the guy is flexing the truth.
It is true that beginning 2021, Apple no longer allow apps to implement their own payment processing and to redirect apps to a website to make payments. You are also not allowed to promote your paid goods and services in your app if you don’t allow users to pay/subscribe within the app. If you offer any paid goods and services in your app, all payments must go through Apple, otherwise you must even hide the fact you offer any paid services. You are not allowed to mention it anywhere unless you implement Apple Pay or StoreKit.

So if the guy did not comply with this and he sold merchandise through the app, I can imagine Apple did go after him, trying to milk him a little bit.

Regarding Apple don’t notify you if something has changed in the Guidelines, it is not true. Apple do notify you through Apple Connect (where you can submit your app) and you are not allowed to submit a new app until you have viewed all your notifications.
They also put a giant flag on the topic that was updated like here:

It is true that it is your responsibility to comply with the new guidelines at any time. But I think it is makes total sense. Imagine every single time Apple updated the guidelines they need to go and check all the apps…

Regarding Apple own your material, it is not true but the opposite. Apple make it clear the app you submit with all content is your intellectual property and it is your responsibility to own the license and rights to use to all content and they also make it clear you should never imply that Apple is the supplier of any content of your app.

What Apple is asking for, when you submit promotional material to Apple, then you need to give ownership to Apple over the promotional material only so Apple can use it however they want to promote your App and their products as well. So they can basically put your promotional material on the screen of the new iPad in their marketing campaigns if they so wish. Like here for example:

Regarding the Copyright strike against his YouTube channel and his very own logo art, that is weird. The guy claim that it was Apple because Apple owns his logo art just because he submitted the app to App Store but I am sceptic about it. I could not find the legal text about this. But I can imagine, since you sell items within the App Store you may need to grant rights to Apple so they can make it available for the users on your behalf. And since the guy sold a physical product within the app, the right also apply outside the store which would make sense. But I could not find any specific info about this. So if anyone could point me to the legal text about this, that would be great because I would like to see it for my self.

I can’t honestly imagine, Apple simply take all rights for all your content just because you publish in the store. So then it supposed to mean, Apple own the YouTube logo? Can you imagine? I can’t.


your indie dev account


It’s been a long time ago but I will share with you(or even people that didn’t even participate this discussion) a useful thing I found.
It seems that Playstore has an official channel to talk with them in case your app or account was removed and you believe it was for unfair reasons.


What is the difference between Google Play Store and Google Play Console?


I will try to explain simply and approximately. Sorry for any mistakes.

Google Play Store is a place for downloading or buying apps and games.

Google Play Console is a place for app/game publisher or developer, which can be a publisher too. Publisher/developer can view data, for example, download statistics, but also upload new version of an app/a game