Key to Nowhere - App published!


Great ! :mrgreen:


Hello folks!

We have updated the game to version 1.0.0 and we’ve published to APK and Linux Version( windows version will come soon, I just need a machine with windows installed to compile it ). :wink:

Today I have published to google play, and… let’s see if it works fine! Waiting to be shown there.
:laughing: :mrgreen:

But up to now, I would like to call you to test the APK and Linux version. So, if you can test it… I will apreciate.
The links are here:



At google play: … .chapter.I



HI folks!

On 03-21( next monday ), we are going to publish all files ( GDevelop, Inkscape, Blender… ) with an opensource licence. So, you all will have access to all production process we( me and my brother) have used here.

We are organizing and “cleaning up” files and folders . We hope you enjoy it!


That’s nice of you! :smiley:
You should host it on a website like GitHub (if you know how to use git), it could help the sources of the game to get a bit of visibility :slight_smile:


Nice Idea! Yes, I know how to use it.


Hi guys!

The Game “key to Nowhere” is under GPL 3. All source files( Blender, Inkscape, Synfig and GDevelop) are in GITHUB:
The GITHUB Page:

This was a hard project( not as good as I wanted ), and teaches me in the whole process all that I need to learn to do a nice game. I’ve learned a lot. Not only me, but my young brother( my friend and partner ).

I would like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge.
Thanks Florian for this great tool, and for sharing it with all of us.

So, now it’s my time to share something… the full game files.

I Hope you enjoy all the files, and make a better game that we did here.


Nice one! :slight_smile:


Git updated!
Now a graphical loader is working, and a “quit” app using javascript was implemented.

You can play the game from web with the graphical loader here:

You can read the git readme file with instructions to use here:

The Android App was updated with the news Intel XDK version, but I had to use “canvas” project to make it a little more stable. The last version was compiled using “PIXI” option; but to many crashes inside Android.

P.S.: People need to have “Crosswalk Project Runtime” installed in Android to make it work fine.


good work guys :confused: :sunglasses:


sir when you will launch this game?


The game is already launched!
You can find over the posts the links to:
Google play, play via my website, or you can download the source files at GITHUB.