Jurassic Fantasy



I’ve been developing this game since February, but with a lot of months this year without doing anywork. Since my last game, Fisherman Classic, which I’ve released in May, I’ve been busy with some personal and college problems. However, I got back to the game this month, and made a great progress, so I’d like to share with you guys, and also hope for some feedback! :slight_smile:

This this game is called Jurassic Fantasy. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I discovered GDevelop back in 2019: a RPG focused on survival with dinosaurs. It’s something I’ve always missed, and wanted to play, since the only related game I know is the Jurassic Park for NES and SNES.

I did some considerable changes in the game since February. Some preliminar considerations: the movements are in grid/cell of 32x32 pixels; you can interact with everything in the game. The plot:
Set in 832 BC, Jurassic Fantasy follows the story of a young magician that goes to a mysterious island in order to find the Sacred Stone, an artifact that could save his village from misery and chaos. The island is consider to be fated to doom, as no one, no matter how brave, ever returned from it. As the story follows, the protagonist starts to show the true reasons why he decided to go to this adventure.

Some screenshots:

I’ve decided to create this topic now so I can update it regularly with updates. I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to release it, but it will probably be in March of 2021. I plan to release it on Steam, and I’m also going to try to release it on GOG.com, since I feel it fits the profile of the platform. Also, the first chapter I’m going to release for free on itch.to next month. The Steam store page, however, is already on! If you want to add it to your Wishlist (it helps a lot for visibility), please consider checking the page :slight_smile:


The game is almost done!!! I’m really not sure if people are going to enjoy it as much as I’m, because it’s using a very old school mechanics of moving (tile move; similur to the old Ultima games). But I’m happy with the results.
I made a new art for the Steam page, which features the “final boss” of the game: the t-rex. :smiley:

Here’s a comparison:

I’m planning to release the game on Steam in the first 15 days of April. You can also check the twitter page @FantasyJurassic for more info. If you enjoy the game, please feel free to add it to your wishlist!


Here’s a small video showing some of the mechanics of the game (points distribution through stats; grid movement; killing creatures). I hope you people enjoy! :()

Any feedback is very much appreciated! :smiley:


Schumpeter, judging by the images you’ve showed us so far, we’re safe enough to say it will be a great adventure game based on those old computer games from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. And even though I didn’t play any similar game, I know just enough you’ve nailed the graphics. They give a true feeling of a game from that era. ^^

Sadly I don’t have much else to say, since RPGs isn’t a genre I play often enough to give you a proper critique. But if you allow me a suggestion, you should consider adding some NPCs. Despite of the plot you’ve mentioned, it would be interesting if more characters went to the island, each one with their different reasons. Some might be friendly, maybe even seel you items and other things, while others are hostile. But again, it’s just a suggestion for the plot. ^^

My congratulations for the hard work so far, I just hope more people may help to achieve your dream and finish this game. :slight_smile: Good luck with your new project!


Thanks for your comment! and for your suggestion! :slight_smile:
I’m working on adding some NPCs to create a more dynamic story as you mentioned. I hope, when I finally release it, you could play to check it out! I’ll be pleased to send you a copy, if you want.


You’re welcome, schumpeter, and thank you too, I’m so glad you liked my suggestion. :smile:
And thank you so much, I would be deeply honored for it, I will be sure to do my best to help you with anything else you need once you send me the copy. I really can’t thank you enough for this, schumpeter, thank you so much! ^^
So long, and good luck with your project! Until next time! :smile:


New updates!
I’ve implemented a gold collect/shop system.

Also added some new dinosaurs to the plot. Here’s a pterodactyl lol (I’m also using this yellow-ish colour for all the text now).

This is the open world map of the game:

The game is almost done! I’m doing some good progress on the last few days. Probably in 2 weeks it’s done.



Thanks so much GDevelop and everyone else in this community! :slight_smile: