Jump only once even when holding the jump key


HI everyone first time here, my character continuously jumps like a grasshopper when i hold the jump key
how can we do to make the character only jump once when pressing the jump key


maybe try trigger once?


set the command you see on the right. It only needs to be set at the beginning of the scene, so use the command you see on the left


Try adding a Trigger once, or changing “key pressed” to “key released”.


use the alternative key (not space key, because it is default key for jumping) for example UP key. this my suggestion:

in the condition editor:
UP Key is pressed
Trigger once

in the action editor:
Simulate pressing Jump for Player (or your object name that you wanna jump)

thas it. I Have try, and it works. the Player, jumping only once when the Up key pressed although for long time.


OoO thanks you’re right just tried


There’s alternative way: just select a player -> there’s should be Platformer behaviour. If yes, you need to uncheck “Default controls”.

Note: if you do this, then you need use “Key name pressed” -> “Simulate key name for player”