Json and Dreamlo and Android

Hello Salvatore,
the solution is to insert a timer. Is it correct ?

The screen above is for writing your variables to the site.
The organization of the data is done by the site itself based on the parameters that you will indicate (really very simple and intuitive).
Keep in mind that at the moment it does not work for Android 9 and Android 10. I will try to carry out tests to run it on the latest two versions of android … which I will communicate as soon as I succeed.

I inserted the timer to give the network time to transfer data from the site to the mobile phone, because I had noticed that the mobile passed over without waiting for the data to be loaded. it only takes 2 seconds

Ciao, la faccio rapida in italiano, cosa ti hanno inviato quell idi dreamlo.com. Non mi è chiaro che differenza c’è rispetto a prima (a parte il timer) ?

GOOGLE TRANSLACTION:Hi, I’ll do it quickly in Italian, what those dreamlo.com sent you. It is not clear to me what difference there is compared to before (at first the timer)

Dreamlo only gives you the codes to be able to write your data on their site and to be able to read them later. Obviously the data must be entered according to the sequence that the Dreamlo site indicates to you.

Sign up on the site (get the free one) and you will see among the brief explanations that will show you how to enter and read the data.

I can’t find the registration form in Dreamlo. Is the correct site http://www.carmine.com/ ?

this is the link. Click on “Get Yours Now” in purple. The first.

Thanks, now it is clear form me. I took that code for granted.
As for your code, let me suggest you use a loop instead of repeating the code 10 times.

Yes true. But having to use only the first 10 positions I did this.

Now we just have to understand why Android 9 and 10 do not let them communicate with Dreamlo

Yes, this is the real problem. Did you try to write to Carmine ?

no, but I’ll write to him today.

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I wrote him. he answered me like this:

You need to have SSL for newer Android versions. If you donate, then you can get SSL and more scores.

obviously I agree to the donation because it still offers me a service. For GDevelop developers, would it be possible to include SSL in game?

SSL means using https, just put https instead of http.

I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t even work for other Android versions that with “http” works.

Surely the site manager will have to give me another link that acts on “https” … let’s try

I contacted the Dreamlo.com manager.
By making a donation, as posted on the site, he enables your subscription and sends you the new link (with HTTPS) by email. To enable your registration you must send him a code that he indicates to you (It would be the “public code” that he issues you at the time of registration).
I inserted the new link in my game and it also works with Android 9 and 10. Already tested.

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