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Do you mean a 1 on 1 or a group zoom class or something? People would certainly love that for free.
In my recent survey I asked if anyone would be interested in live broadcast as I am developing staff and answer questions in chat, explain staff, only a few people (less than 10%) selected to be interested.


yes, something like that.
of cause, watching someone doing stuff and explaining isnt nearly as popular, as 1 on 1 lessions, where they would get to work on ther projects. Thats certainly worth good money.
That would be of cause not realizable en mass.
sessions with multiple people, like a zoom class sounds more doable, although more difficult to organize.

I just thought, if someone plays for something, tutoring and asset store stuff would be the most reasonable.


@4ian, you should also try your luck and apply for something like EpicMegaGrand etc., who knows maybe it works, it could fund few bigger features; spritesheets/atlas, full tilemap integration, project folders, …


I’ve made a request at this, but I should have more interesting news again in the coming weeks. Sorry for keeping you waiting! :slight_smile: