Issues with loading data from Firebase Realtime Database


Ok, it is done, queries should come with next version. You can already check out the docs.


WOW :astonished:
That is a game changer (pun intended). Thank you !!!

One edit in the text. not forst but first document (typo)

For example, if you want to get the data of the forst document as JSON, you can use this expression:


That’s how I originally subtitled the Firebase integration announcement blog post but 4ian changed that because it made GDevelop sound not serious


Hi Arthuro. Great to see the update is here. How are you doing? I am trying to invoke your query reading through the doc you had me check out. It is not working yet. What am I doing wrong? I can not seem to figure out the difference between watch and execute precisely but I guess it has to do with the fact that if something changes within the document with a watch it will update immediately while execute is an one time only thing (which I need). This is my code:

The disabled code (list all documents in “ranking” and store in RankingList provided me with a list that was not sorted in ascending order on the field Rank. I changed it to:

-Create a query.
-Order query.
-Execute query.

After that I load the fields into the structure variable. The results is all zero’s. Could you help me on my way to see what it is I am doing wrong please?



There are 2 things I see that seem wrong here:

  1. Indeed, execute query only execute the query once, while the watch will update the callback variables whenever a document affected by the query is modified on the database, but here you have as only condition that the first query was not resolved, but until it finishes the query you are launching a new one every frame. I would add a trigger once there.
  2. The returned variables is not a list of document names, it already contains all the documents that matched the query.


I’ve got it. Thanks for the clarification. It is fantastic that it is now so easy to order in descending order. Thank you a lot!


I want to write a number field (this is needed in order to be able to query in desc or asc order. But I can only write a string. Is there anyway to make it write a field as a number instead of a string?