Is LIL BUB HELLO EARTH copyright free


Hello guys, i would love to know is lil bub hello earth can be live streamed on YouTube without and copyright issues


I want to correct: “copyright free” means that this is something that is not protected by copyright, for example, these are 15th century books (they are in the public domain) or a photo licensed under Creative Commons Zero.

Lil BUB’S: HELLO EARTH has authors, but it’s not copyright free. I cannot give an exact answer to the question: is it possible to stream this game? Personally, I think you can stream this game


Thanks for the correction on copyright free i just wanted to know if the copyright allows for streaming of the game esp. when it comes to the music


I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t give you exact answers.

Streaming the game can be allowed:

a) if the copyright holder of the game allows the stream of the game
b) if there is commenting during the stream of the game, but also the stream is for educational purposes (personally I think this fits the gameplay with an explanation of the functions, walkthrough, etc.)
c) if there is no income from the stream (exception: there is permission from the author to stream with income).

I recommend you read about streaming on sites about copyright


thanks, yeah! i was hoping he would reply.


Remember though, Florian may have coded this game but this is still a forum about GDevelop, not lil bub. Please either contact Florian directly through his email if you wish to get in touch with him, or even better contact the owner of lil bub as I an pretty sure it is an official game and therefore belongs to lil bubs owner not to Florian.


Sorry I was wrong. I just didn’t know for sure. I deleted half wrong information about Florian Rival.

Florian Rival is listed as publisher In Google Play. So, I found who created a game. It’s Mike Bridavski. I found this information here: