Is it possible to create a mod for my own game on GDevelop?


Hello. I have a question: is it possible to create a mod for my own game on GDevelop? I mean those mods that change character sprites and music, and not the game as a whole


If you want to replace image and music files by others, you don’t need GD for that, make a self-extracting zip that overwrites the files you want to replace.
Or did I misunderstand you? :slight_smile:


I think she wants to know if her game made in GDevelop will be mod-able.
If you can access the game assets easily in the platform you are interested to release your game then you should be fine to make mods.
You might also want to have a look at ‘Electron’ project to get more details on what you can change after you export your game, since this is what is now used to export to native platforms.


Hello, @Gruk. When exporting a game to a computer, the files will be, so to speak, closed, is not it? If the resources are open, then it will be enough for me to create a self-extracting .zip file that would replace the resources of the game. .zip files would be 2 - the 1st for modding the game, and the 2nd for the so-called “backup”, which would restore back the old resources of the game


I had a question: is it possible to create some kind of utility with installing mods? I’ll probably give an example: a person installed my game and wants to install the mods that I created, but also (if it would ever be possible at all) by other players. The player downloads the “Name-of-game” Modding Utility. To apply mods, you need to use either .zip files or files with a special extension. Will such a scheme in reality be possible or not?


Anything’s possible :slight_smile:
GD can’t do all of that natively, I’m afraid, but javascript… no idea. :man_shrugging:

Indeed, when you export to a Windows exe, the resources are not accessible like with the HTML export, because they are packaged with Electron, as said above.
Google “modding electron apps” and see if you like what you find.

Or maybe you could export your game to exe using another packager that wouldn’t conceal the resources. Electron is probably not the only one.


Well, I modified the with electron compiled gdevelop editor to add node modules to it, and it can be easily done. Everything is in a “app.asar” file, that is practically a zip file. You can use either the official asar unpacking and packaging tool or use a 7zip plugin made for that.