Is gdevelop safe?


I researched on google play and saw some games created by the engine, which were put there to test, had no advertisement or anything, it was free.
But it was allowed to access the internet.

why do gdevelop applications need internet access? without doing anything to need it?

is gdevelop safe?


This is a very, very wierd first post to the forums, however:

GDevelop itself is open source, and the full source code can be viewed here:

As far as “It was allowed to access the internet”, can you provide more detail? Do you mean it asked for permissions to access the internet via Android, or something else?

If you mean the former, there are numerous reasons this could be:

  • The dev added network code (network API calls, Peer to Peer multiplayer, etc) to their game.
  • The dev activated the analytics functions available in GDevelop. Which normally you’re required to disclose in the app details and EULA, so if they didn’t you should report the app to Google Play.
  • The dev hid something malicious in their code (which has nothing to do with GDevelop).

For the latter, you’d have to give more detail.