İnteractive game


I want to design an interactive game. Is there an example of this in gdevelop? how can i do your advice which way should i follow.
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Hello. I just give you some advices.

Sorry, but no.

It’s okay.

So, you just need create object. If it’s a game in “Point’n’click” genre, so it will be easy at start. After object creation you need event and action. It if cursor on “Object” and “Object” was clicked or something else. When “Object” was clicked, so you need to hide it in “Actions”. So only with this I can help you


The game I want to make is in the form of comics. If you played max payne, you know, like the scenes in between. I did an experiment but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. For example, I put music, but it is valid for one page, when the page is skipped, it stops on the other page. I can throw an image at a convenient time


I recommend you watch my video about this:


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First of all, thank you for the information you provided. In this way, I have 2 problems with the code I wrote and my visuals in the game.
1- I did the same with the video you posted, the music continues to play, but overlaps with the music that restarts on each page.

2- I clicked on the button that I put to go to the next page, but as if I had pressed it, it wraps up to the last page, it does not stop on the intermediate pages. I hope I can tell, I would be very happy if you answer. Thanks again:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



So, some of photos cannot be showed like this:


You just need check characters and screenshots’ names, like this:


About 1st problem: I think in, for example, two scenes with 2 music tracks in each of them. If you want play only one until second scene, you just need delete 2nd track in 2nd scene. So music from 1st scene will not overlap, because there’s no 2nd track, you know.

Update: if this two tracks are same, so you can try my way.

About 2nd problem: I never had tried file management in storage and reading file from storage, so I don’t know, how to solve this problem, I’m sorry.

P. S: just a little advice for the future: use Print screen keys (“prt sc” and key with Windows icon) to do a screenshot


Ok, well.

First of all, every videogame is interactive, so to say interactive game is redundant and confusing. What you want to do is an interactive history/novel (that happens to be a videogame genre).

And, yes, it’s not only possible, it’s maybe the easiest videogame you can do in GD. It’s so easy you can set each frame in a scene and then just go from one scene to other clicking on things (choosing options).


By doing what you say now, I got results and solved them, thank you. Is there anything I can do to slow down the transition of the page



But you can learn to manage variables and conditionals, and set a system to show all your frames in a single scene. In order to do that, follow the beginners tutorials and consult the basics at the wiki.


that is, can I sort the images in a single scene without opening multiple scenes? does this have an explanation for the trainers?