Improving GDevelop usability


In most game engines you have the option though to pick an instance by it ID. I’m sure each instance has an id internally in GD, so how about that in object events we could either select an object from the list and it would apply the event to all instances of the selected object as it is now and we could also select an instance from the scene in which case it would open up the scene with the sole purpose to select an instance from the scene.

It is also give me the idea when the event expecting to receive an X and Y position, how about a second option that would open up the scene and we could either pick any location from the scene or even an instance of any object from the scene to pick an X and Y position to pass it to the event.

I have no good reason though other than it would be cool and convenient :imp:
But in case it is too ambitious idea, we could have at least the option to address instances by using expression like Object.Instance(IDint) and could also get instance properties like X, Y, Angle…etc too by using Object.InstanceX(IDint). We could get the ID by clicking the instance in the scene and it would display it ID number in the properties that we can use in expressions I mentioned. It would be not that cool but still very useful… In case we would also have an expression or event to pick ID of instances for example when we crate an object or a certain conditions are met, we could pick the ID of the instance and store it inside a variable for example. It would allow us to address instances also dynamically by using their ID.

Maybe one good reason I can think of, it could help with performance if we would address specific instances by using their ID instead of checking a bunch of conditions for each instances to find the one we need.


This worked when I had the event call on the x and y coordinates closest to the object origin, BASED on the global object :slight_smile: I did an a variable called “id” and since I had 5 objects the same, I used that variable in another action to indicate selected or deselected and it works great!

I could not use mouse scroll as the switch function to the actions, but using the NUM 1 through 5 works just fine :slight_smile:


In Gdevelop 4 We could reorder Scenes, Actions, Conditions, External Events and External Layouts by dragging them. But in Gdevelop 5 We can’t do this. So We have to cut them and paste them in place. It will be a great time saver if You add this option again.

Thank you for your awesome work.


custom Hit Boxes are currently set to quadrilaterals - should this give me hope that sometime in the future the polygon can be set to handle more points? One of the puzzles I have to work on in the future will have hexagonals joined together:

making the use quadrilateral shaped hit boxes “interesting”.

Speaking of Hit Boxes - can you change the custom hit box window so that only the coordinates section scrolls? This will keep the shape visible and reduce the likelihood of a misplaced vertex.



For counter this you can add multiple quadrilateral in hitbox for create a hexagonals shape :wink:
My shape is ugly i know ^^


Thanks, @Bouh but one of the reasons I am interested in the enhancement is based on the attached graphic above - some of the shapes will take 20 quadrilateral shapes to properly cover.


@4ian On the Roadmap, you responded to my comment regarding Custom Collision Masks, saying that it was possible to have a mask with more than 4 vertices. How do you change the polygon type in the Hitbox dialog from Quadrilateral to another shape (e.g. octagonal)?

I felt that the forum was a better place to have this discussion so as not to clutter up the Roadmap.


Use this plus button:

Sorry it’s not clear, any changes on GitHub to add a message to make this clearer is welcome :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if this qualifies as usability, but 2 functions that might be great to have is “Screen Pinning” and “Unpinning”. Seeing this feature in some games now. Would like to include it in the game I’m making for babies.

P.S: Thank you so much for GDevelop. It’s a boon for people like me who know nothing about coding.

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I often tell myself “ah, it’s true, there’s no autofocus”. For example, I create a group. The next logical step is to name it. But I have to click on it to name it.
This is true for several actions.

There’s also something that bugged me while I was working on a behavior. I had to choose to which object events would apply, even though there was only one object possible (life cycle method where you cannot add parameters).

Yet another thing I thought: it would be much more convenient if the default color for text objects was black, considering that this is the most used colour, and considering that the default background is whitish-beige.

Yet another: Why does the object selection box appear so far away?


One of the most annoying things in GDevelop for me!


Fixed for text object default color. For autofocus, I started a GitHub issue to track all the missing focusing:

For the object selection box, it’s centered on the container, I’ll see the change this!


The main reason I think that most gd user leave it is they want to make money.and what’s the better way to make money by game if you know how to create them.this is mainly where gd is quite difficult to manage the game when it becomes too long. Is there any way to get your previous work done into a new scene(level).though it is one of the best non coding game engine it lacks some tutorials.only if it could have some tutorials it would be perfect for anyone to learn and master it.I could not tell you things it lack in specific words but I hope you got the point.good night here:-)


Sorry for bad English


My concept


For disable group you can use right click on it and disable the events inside.
If you want todo this for your game just add a variable and add a condition for toggle all sub-event/Function.
Or wait this card but i think this feature is not really needed because it’s easy todo without.

Hitbox mode is already in roadmap.


Oh! thanks Bouh…Sorry I didnt know that before…and I didn’t find condition for toggle all sub-event/Function.
and if possible can you give me the pdf of keyboard shortcuts?


Not possible, no pdf exist ^^


WELL OK…AND I didnt find the condition for toggle all sub-event/Function.


You have to add it manually with a variable.