Improving GDevelop usability


You can do almost everything you want with mask, you can add points, you can overlay one swaure with another, etc. Try all th buttons from the interface !


Could you take away the x and y scroll limits, or at least substantially extend them?

And please, please, please put in arrays.


The following is my conclusion after using your engine:

  1. There should be a way to lock docked panel, otherwise it will undocked or closed accidentally.
  2. Scene shouldn’t mixed with other properties, because in my logic scene is the whole universe which contain all of those properties.
  3. There are too many tabs in your software. It will make confuse especially for beginner. No need for separate “New”, “Open”, and “Save” as they are already exist in “File” menu.
  4. Game canvas should stay there and nothing can replace its position. Event editor can be placed in current Object’s editor, side by side with the game canvas.

Those are my conclusion about GDevelop interface. I want to propose a better alternative design, but I need your feedback first related to my conclusion above.

Best regards


Thanks for your comments! :mrgreen:

  1. For locking dock panels, well, even if they are closed they can be opened again using the ribbon. But maybe I should add a message when closing one to avoid users struggling to find the button to open it again.

  2. Not exactly, scenes are part of the game, and can include part of the game (images of course through objects, or external events/external layouts). These external events/external layouts are available to all scenes so they also belong to the game (even if most of the time they are used only in a single scene).

  3. A separate events and scene tab wouldn’t be more confusing? I’m sure we’ll get people on the forum asking how to open again events or scene tab because it was closed by mistake :slight_smile:
    For New/Save/Open icon, I think it is important for beginners to have these big icons that can be easily spotted. The “New” in particular: otherwise, people would try to click on each button on the ribbon (or worse, try to change the ribbon tab) to do something but nothing would be available until you click on File > New. :slight_smile:

  4. You can already put the events editor next to the scene editor. Just click on the “Events” tab and drag it to the right until both editors are separated.
    It is not made by default because it would make the editor really too small to read events conveniently I think.

Feel free to argue more about an aspect if you think you have ideas that can enhance the UI. Things can change, that’s why this thread is here. Thanks again for your post! :smiley:

  1. Add the ability to search (filter by name) items in the expressions editor. This will save a lot of time!!

  2. Add the following new items to the event-sheet right click menu:
    -add new condition, add new action

Hovering over to get the plus button to appear and clicking on it is a bit of a pain in the neck, since it more often than not disappears again when you try to click it.

-inverse selected condition

  1. In the actions: all objects>position>separate two objects
    should be renamed to “bounce” and moved in the same category as"stop the object" - all objects>movement>bounce
    keep its description the same though. You can change it to “bounce off the (only will move)”

that way it will be much easier to find, much more intuitive for english speaking users. :unamused:

  1. The open file dialog does not support thumbnails. It’s a gtk file open dialogue. Other gtk software does have the option to preview a thumbnail when an image file is selected (see google chrome or firefox for example). Gdevelop needs a better file open dialog.

  2. Double clicking on a sprite in the scene should open it’s sprite editor - just like it does if you double click it in the object’s editor.

  3. Sprite editor- add the ability to create an empty png image (via imagemagick for example) and open it with a custom editor (gimp by default) which can be set in gdevelop’s preferences. That way the users can fire up an empty canvas with the right resolution in their favorite editor, without having to deal with their start menu, without having to navigate directories and then manually import things.
    Also add the ability to edit any already created images in the sprite editor with that same external app that has been set in gdevelop’s preferences. :mrgreen:
    Also pasting images from clipboard would be a nice addition to that.
    The easier you make it to get those images to the project, to fire them up for editing, the more people will want to work on their game’s graphics!
    That would make it 100 times nicer to use!!

Thats it for now :slight_smile: Keep up the awesome work. The editor is getting there, but it needs a little bit more work in my opinion.

  1. Add an “about gdevelop” window wich contains the current version of gdevelop, credits, links, donations, eula, etc.

  2. Able to create events in the event editor with a right click. (sorry if already mentioned)

  1. already existing :slight_smile:
  2. there already is the ribbon and the context panel when you over an event with the mouse, I think it is enough :slight_smile:


An easy change would be to correct the use of some words that are not used often by English speakers.

Editions is used a lot where edit, edited, or edits would make more sense.

Automatism is not a word anyone would use and after having a look at the web editor I don’t know why behaviour isn’t used?

This makes gdevelop look amateurish at first glance and added to the lack of documentation nearly put me off trying to use it.

I know the wiki is editable by all but it’s very lacking and needs more editors. Once I am more proficient I’ll definately help with this :slight_smile:



Added this to the roadmap:

Behavior will indeed be better appropriated than Automatisms. :slight_smile:


To clarify the ‘Edition’ / Editor suggestion:-

The Text Editor windows title is - ‘Edit the text object’
variables - ‘Variables edition’
sprite - ‘Edition of a sprite object’
Layers - ‘Layers editor’
Actions - ‘Edit the action’

This is not consistent, and the way that looks right to me is either ‘Edit the …’ or ‘… editor’



I’ve modified all “Edition of […]” to “Edit the […]” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, this is something I have difficulties to spot as a non-native english speaker :slight_smile:


Drag and drop for everything could be way more smoother :frowning:


Are you talking about adding new drag&drop features or improving the smoothness of the already existing drag&drops ?


idk what he is talking about, but i already mentionned that it would be great to have drag and drop in the object list to order them (instead of ctrl+up and down). I’ve already asked about the same thing in image bank.


I meant drag and drop within the gdevelop UI is very hard to do
Its really tacky


Event Sheet could use some clean up. Like smaller light weight fonts, boxes with some padding around the text, maybe icon changes to make the events distinct. Right now its too messy to look at. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome if you or someone could create a screenshot of the events editor modified with the paddings and fonts or other modifications to see what it could be :slight_smile:


Cool. I’ll work on it and post something relevant around the weekend. :slight_smile:


Please add a right click menu to the event list.
Adding new conditions and events is a pain in the neck with the hover over to get a + button mechanic.

The + button disappears when you try to click it sometimes. In construct2 you can just right click to add events/conditions. That is a more convenient way of doing it I think. You can keep the hover over , but also allow the user to add events/conditions by right clicking.

You can also let the user negate a condition with the right click menu. Its way faster than opening the conditions and ticking it.


I’d like an option in the right click menu on events/groups of events : being able to collapse/uncollapse an entire group of event, because in current rev it’s really annoying to uncollapse the whole tab when you just in one event…

This lack is not problematic on tiny project, but when you have more then 900 events, wich can have more 20 levels of subevent it’s really boring and a waste of time !