I'm making a friday night funkin style game!


Hello again! I want to make a rhythm game like fnf starring my own character coolguy (he’s my profile picture) but… I don’t know HOW to make a rhythm game.
I searched google and I didn’t find any results… (except for totally unrelated results about how to add sound to your project in gdevelop) Help me


Hello! I have still not made anything and am trying to learn what to even do because I do not have much experience making music games. I will (try to) make a very basic prototype and show it. Thank you for helping!


I have several recommendations on how to do this:
#1 Spawning the arrows
These can be manually placed, or you can make them appear after a certain amount of time after the song starts. Then they move towards the blank arrows (where you have to hit them)
#2 Making sure you hit the arrows.
Checking if the player is pressing a key, as well as comparing the y position (Or X position if you want the arrows to go left-to-right or right-to-left) should be enough. You can calculate score however you like, though I recommend using the “distance between two objects” expression.
#3 Moving Arrows
Since they should be moving in a straight, vertical or horizontal line, you can have them move a certain distance every frame, but make sure to multiply it by DeltaTime (time since last frame) so they don’t get off sync from the music.
#4 Other Misc. stuff
If you’re going for full on FNF, the player’s animations can be controlled by key presses, as well as checking if you hit arrows (for the miss animation). The enemy’s animation can simply be played when their arrows have the same position as their greyed out ones.

Also, stick with it! I was developing a rhythm game a while back (different engine, but my point stands) and it was hard. But I got pretty close to completion! You should be able to push through as long as you don’t give up midway through.


My progress so far:https://games.gdevelop-app.com/game-05901f9b-57a7-49e7-b8f4-7d62107f11aa/index.html


Thank you for your suggestions!




Tip: Make sure you change the position of the object to be in the middle so the arrows dont float to the left of the space your supposed to press the button.
If you don’t know how to do this, it’s as simple as
Edit Object > Edit Points > Adjust the X and Y positions of the Origin so that the red cross lines up with the yellow cross.


arthuro555: thanks for trying to help! but… I’m trying to make this game by myself and also I previewed the project and it did not work…


That’s weird, it works fine for me. Are you on the latest version of GDevelop (beta108)?


um… i don’t know ill check


Yes im on the latest version


What happens exactly when you start the game?


well… its just blank (except for the purple background score and countdown)


Doesn’t the countdown count down?


it does but the arrows don’t show up after it (or ANYTHING)


Huh. I’ll check later and try to fix it.


I tested again and it works


well… not for me! idk why


Hello everyone! you might have noticed that the title of this discussion has changed and it is in community section now and not in the how to section. thats because im gonna be just talking about glitches and new things in the game so its not really a good discussion to put in the how to section.


Would anyone like to make music for me?