Idea for a New Tutorial


I was thinking about creating a game similar to for my GSOD 2020 project. It is a simple snake game where the objective of the game is to increase the size of the snake.
I would like to make the game harder by adding enemies(moving and inanimate) and multiple levels.
At the same time, I would be adding multiple scenes and boosts that would improve the overall game experience. Boosts such as - slow down the snake, allow self-touches, shoot arrows to kill enemies etc.
My understanding is this game will enable new users to experience as many of the basic building blocks of the game like behaviours, forces, events, forces etc.
Please let me know what you think of this idea and ways to make it better.


I think @The_Gem_Dev already did that


@arthuro555 thanks for letting me know. Is there someplace on the forum where I can check out existing tutorials so I do commit the same mistake again :sweat_smile:


I think you can take a look at the gem’s tutorials as he made many. Else I think there is a list on the wiki.


Thank you. I did find his channel, he has done a lot of work!
I did check out the wiki and I found that there has been very little work done on the “fruit ninja” game.
There exists a video and a demo here: However, I feel that a step-by-step tutorial would be really helpful as it is a very simple game and would definitely be a good starting point as again, I would be able to incorporate multiple concepts.
In my opinion, a written tutorial would work well for this kind of game. Do let me know whether this would be feasible or if I should try looking elsewhere :slight_smile: