[IDEA] About necroposts


Hello. Last time I met 2 necroposts, which have replies. I think we need add the [NECROPOST] text in the titles of “dead” posts. It will be useful for users, which don’t see the date of post’s creation and replies


Only locked posts are “dead posts” to me. Some people still use GDevelop 4, so it’s hard to say what is really obsolete.
People should check dates before replying if they feel the topic might be obsolete.
Replying to an old topic may be too late for the original poster, but may help future viewers.


I agree with Gruk.
Necropost usually means bumping a topic up that no longer relevant but just because a topic was posted 5 years ago, it doesn’t`mean automatically it is not relevant. For example you marked a feature request as necropost which was after locked but the feature request was about the ability to create custom collision masks of any shape at runtime using events. As far as I know, this feature was not implemented yet so even though it was years ago, it is still relevant in my opinion…


One solution could be is to let people mark replies as solution and then in case a topic has a solution it would be locked automatically within 24 hours otherwise it would be left open. Moderators could also select solutions in case the OP doesn’t care to select one but need to be careful with that as often moderators may think that someone just posted the ultimate solution but really did not and can be annoying when someone else making decisions for you…

Have seen on an other forum using this very exact same forum engine having this feature, so in theory this forum engine does support this.


I agree.

Agree here too.


Yeah, you’re right