I want to make my html game responsive


I’ve made my game and hosted it on my website (Totally2d):

(I’m going to keep fiddling around with the link, so if it might be fixed soon or it might go on and offline for a few minutes. While I try to fix the issue)

The problem is I want people who are using mobile phones (and PCs I guess) to be able to play the game in the browser without responsiveness issues.

So far the game (link above) is not showing correctly on my phone’s browser.
In fact it hasn’t finished loading but that could be my network.

Any help would be great!

Tafadzwa Tarumbwa


Great game works perfectly for me.


Thank you!

Its so nerve wrecking to export a game and hope all the settings are in check.
I kept doing some edits and re-exporting.

My only issue now is:

When someone presses the “right-key button” (on the keyboard… the touch seems fine) it seems as if my “move-right” animation doesn’t always play. I’m new to GDevelop and a little bit more used to Construct2… So I might need help with how I initiate an animation when someone presses a key. It seems like the way I did it is a bit buggy.

All in all I’m happy, this being my first game. I used Construct2 a bit but i never actually got to finish a game so YAY for me, now.



Consider sending a link of the project folder publicly or privately so i can work on it.


It doesn’t work on my phone


That would be great!

It’s a bit of a mess LOL… I just threw things together hoping it works out.
I’ll upload it all to Mega.nz and send you a link



Thank you for letting me know!
Did you manage to see anything?
Was the picture out of focus or something?

It’s my first game so I’m hoping to understand how exporting works.



Hey! It’s finally up.

I wish I had not made such a messy file system but since its my first game I just got lost and I’m now scared to mess around with the folders and locations of all my files:


That’s the whole folder.

Thank you so much for offering to help.



I am defeated when the player goes to the bottom of my screen, but not out of my screen, i dont know whether its a problem or not, other worked great for me but hey how do you put that on your website, pls teach me



Thank you for trying it out.

Sure, I hope I can explain well enough how I uploaded the game:

I already had the website up and running and when I wanted to add the game I just created a new folder in the website directory. The folder is called games and I exported the game from GDevelop as an HTML game



Hello, i am sorry for the delay. I have fixed the issues. Please let me know if you encounter any more.



Let me download the file now and check out the updates you did to it.

Thank you so much, I’m hoping to keep learning more and more how Gdevelop works.