I need your help / ideas / advice (My next big step)

No no worries at all, I understand what you said very well, like I said I made this post to learn from the different experiences and to be honest, I don’t regret making this post, this was such a great help : )

I really hope so, thank you so much.

Yeah this advice is very important to be honest, my next game is going to be big so I’m not sure if it will be available for Android/IOS … it’s very hard to decide things like that now you know, I just have the concept of the idea at the moment, but it’s something I’ll have in mind for sure, I actually wrote a note for just that.

No no don’t be sorry, I love hearing ideas from everyone, this is how I learn and evolve, and I understand what you’re saying for sure.

It happened once before but I refused, I just have a lot more to give … not ready for a move like that to be honest, not yet, I’m not in for the money, I want to send my message first then start thinking about money.

Yeah correct for sure.

Same to you, thank you so much for sharing your experience and your ideas : )

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These are just a small examples and my thoughts what to consider when starting a new project:

  1. Plan.
    You should make a project plan, where you write everything about your game. What was the starting situation and what will be the quality of the finished game. Who are the target audience. How much time you think making a game will take. What tools you might use. All the risks and how those risks will affect your project, how to prevent those risks and what to do if one of the risks happen. You get the idea, write everything down. You might found ready templates to make a project plans from google.
    When a good plan is made, you just have to do it how you planned it. It saves you a lot of time when everything is planned like strory, mechanics, levels, world… everything.

  2. Schedule.
    Now when everything is planned, you should make a schedule. Do 1-2 weeks schedule at a time or more if you want. Scheduling is pretty important so you know project is progressing and you will learn how much something take time etc.

  3. Share.
    When your game is developed enough, start share content about it. Schedule that too. For example, every Saturday you share some content about your game in reddit, gamejolt, itch, facebook, twitter, instagram, you name it. Screenshots, gameplay footage, art, something. Why every week? So more and more people will notice it and possibly get interested in about it and it will info followers and other people that game is in active development. Sharing is caring.

  4. Playtesting.
    This should be non-stop activity through the whole project. Weekly builds (or how you scheduled) maybe, so group of play testers will test out for possible bugs and if something in level design sucks etc. Playtesting the game for others is must, since you will become blind to your game. You can’t find by yourself bugs or if game is too easy or too hard.

  5. Marketing.
    You have to have a marketing plan too. How you do it and when you start doing it. Sharing content is a good start but marketing needs more. I’m not marketing guy, but I know you need some money and plan to make it really work. Marketing persons can help you.



Very nice notes, thanks a lot for sharing, definitely will help.
I really like the planning one, this is so important!

Thank you very much. Can’t wait for you upcoming game.

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