I need in help with character's design


Hello. I have a request: could you recommend clothes for… a furry character, for a cat named Sapphire? This is from my game, which is currently under development: "The Decire for Freedom" - "Freedom Planet" fan game (in past) (demo, early alpha). I need, so to speak, a decent, but at the same time light and comfortable clothing for movements. I know that pants could fit, as in my concept art, but I would like to add feminine clothes. With male characters it’s easier, but with female characters - not really…


Pants are perfectly fine for males or females. No reason your female character needs a skirt or anything.

If you don’t want full pants, maybe some kind of capri? My wife buys a lot of those. (pants that only come down to the shins)


Um… I thought about that, but I gave up my idea. I would like to choose something comfortable, light, but durable. Of course, I can add a sundress, but which type I don’t know. Everything is simple with Neige the polar fox - she lives where it is cold, so she has to wear a scarf, trousers and a coat. With the design of Sapphire, I just have no luck…


Well. And if I leave the idea with the pants, then what kind of upper clothes do I choose?


If you’re looking for comfortable, light, and durable, probably just some kind of shirt with an light jacket (likely open) over it?


How could I not have thought of this! Thank you very much, @Silver-Streak!


Um-m-m… I would like to say that I like the detail of clothes - these are the edges of the clothes decorated with braid. If I make a braid jacket, then CHANEL Inc. would not be happy. Why? Because it was Coco Chanel who had the idea to decorate women’s jackets with braid and not only. Sounds stupid, but I’m a bit scared. Are there any other clothing variants?


Sadly, I don’t know enough about clothing to offer any guidance.

However, searching for “Chanel-style braiding” shows a ton of officially released patterns for making the clothes, so if it was an issue I’d think those clothing patterns would be available for purchase at retailers.


I don’t know .I think this might be helpful.
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@Ruhan, I did not expect this! You beautifully draw clothes, really! To be honest, then for Sapphire it will not come in handy, but it may come in handy for another character - this is the prince that pirates hunt for. The prince had to change into this type of clothing and pretend to be an ordinary resident of the kingdom


Glad to become helpful.


@Ruhan, looking at the picture with the second edit, I remembered Carol Tea the Wild Cat from “Freedom Planet”


That was a cool game . I used to play that with my lil sis.That was day :relieved:


Oh! Was this the very first version in which there were Sonic the Hedgehog rings, or the beta version in which Lilac remained the hedgehog, or the final version? I am very interested to know :blush:!

I agree with you. I found a demo of a game two days ago that is strikingly reminiscent of “Freedom Planet” and “Megaman ZX”. This game is on GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/hfox/315948


By the way, I had a question: what style of games you know resembles the style of a character from my game? For me personally, my style is similar to a hybrid of the “Freedom Planet” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” game styles, but last in the modern style


I think You should give a look on Celeste and Metal slug series oh! and must check Fez. I think this will help you. :hugs: Any way I am waiting to see the beta…


Honestly… I haven’t even completed the Sapphire sprites :pensive:… I will have an alpha version of the game… Instead of the Test Room or Zone, there will only be a Training Room. I am very sorry that I am… lazy, that I either do not have enough time, or I spend it… I should be ashamed of laziness… When I work on Sapphire sprites, I want to ask for help, but not. I tell myself: “I have to create sprites myself. They have my style”.

I want to publish a game with a link to the Github repository with the design game file and its resources. It is especially for people to create their own levels, their versions of my game or even their own


For now I have a “scrap yard” from many of unused and important parts of Sapphire’s sprites.

P.S: I wrote this text without Google Translate, really


Oh same as me :hugs: hug me buddy!


Sorry, but I’m younger than you… But I’m glad I not only one lazy person on this forum :slightly_smiling_face: