I need in help (envy problem)



I have one special request for you. The fact is that I continue to envy the graphics of pixel games, including both the first part of the Freedom Planet game and the second. I don’t have enough motivation. It can be difficult for me to draw sprites, sometimes I am lazy, sometimes I don’t have enough time. Today I watched this video (it is in Russian): https://youtu.be/WA6snGz08bs. I felt a little better, but a feeling of envy continues to crush my heart. I either want to just ask someone to draw character sprites for me or fix them, then I want to take sprites under the CC0 license on OpenGameArt.org and remake them, while adapting them for my game. I restrain myself and think that it is much better to make your own graphics than to take someone else’s and remake it. After all, a player, seeing my game graphics, can understand that this is my style, and not someone else’s. I am lazy to draw graphics and often do not have enough time. I can only draw closer on Saturday or Sunday, which is really rare. I do not know what to do. I continue to envy excellent graphics. I’m unlikely to create at least one of my games this year… One of mine is under development, but I don’t want to declassify her name yet. I partially take the graphics on OpenGameArt.org, partially do mine. I also envy great music, but thanks to the OpenGameArt.org resource, making games is easier. Special thanks to the OpenGameArt.org users Spring and Alexander. This users has excellent style and music.

I just don’t have anyone to tell about my problem with games and their development. Therefore, I decided to create a theme here on this forum.

Please give me advice to fight envy.

All the best, Diana


I admire your courage in admitting to that feeling - it’s not an easy thing to do.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to help with drawing anything as my graphics aren’t anything to write home about. I think your graphics are better than mine. :slight_smile:

I also think that, rather than trying to squash the envious feelings … since they will always visit you from time to time and it’s better to acknowledge, accept, and release them as an ongoing part of the human condition … find ways to increase your energy, motivation, improve time management, and combat the laziness.

Maybe this article has some info that can help