I contacted more than a 100 publishers for my game


@Slash well I mean … I already did that, that’s kinda rude honestly but alright…
Have a nice day!


Hey CorianderGames,

Sure we can be reached at:




@Brave Thank you so much, I’ll get in contact very soon.


You’re welcome, thank you :).


I think numbers are exactly what they want to see, because they also want to make money of your game.

Even tho they would like your game a lot, they might see it is risky to publish your game. What if they searched your game and saw that you don’t have enough potential buyers?

Well, I don’t think that’s enough. And when thinking about how many of those followers etc. will buy the game? it might be 30% or even lower, or it might be higher if you’re lucky.

I hope you also marketing about how many active followers game have and it is getting bigger day by day?

That’s good approach, learning from experiences even if it’s good or bad :+1:

Ps. Sorry, if I sounded like a dick. I did not meant to. I hope you all the best for your journey!


@RapaGameZ No no not at all I understand your point 100% but from what I have seen is that there are a lot of games that got released and they weren’t like known or anything, actually they were doing worse than what I have at the moment (in terms of numbers) but yeah I totally get you point and for sure some of them reject it just because of numbers and most rejected it because it wasn’t it their category of games and some reject it because they are just scared of a new IP or like a new solo dev.
But anyway It was an experience after all, and at least I know now what I should be doing.
Which is going solo if there is no other choice.
It’s hard but I have a lot of faith that it will work if I just keep at.
Wish me luck my friend✌️