How to decompile a project?


Hello. I would like to know: is it possible to decompile a project in .exe format if, for example, the original project file is lost or deleted?


Google “decompile electron app” for information but that won’t recover the resources and the json, I’m afraid.


These are your assumptions, right?
It will be a pity if the resources are not restored. If the code cannot be restored, at least during decompilation, resources should be restored


It is depends on how it was packaged which I am not familiar with, but knowing 4ian I’m sure he made it as difficult as possible to protect our project and assets.
But even if there would be a way as Gruk mentioned you would not get the JSON project file back, so you won’t be able to open the game in GDevelop. You may get the JS code GD was compiling but it is extremely messy and hard to read. You better of start from scratch than trying to understand and modify the code GD was exporting.


Sorry for resurrecting this post but the answers look a bit wrong.
It’s possible to decompile everything easily except events. You can only decompile the exported code. It would be possible to convert that code back to events but very difficult, and would require hours of coding by someone who knows GDevelop’s code very well.


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