How to change of clothes a pj during the game or in a menu?


Hello all, i’m working on my first proyect and i have some questions.
There is a way to change clothes, hair, skin, or the whole pj in the game menu?
What i have to do to make that possible?

Thank you to any that can help me


You can do it by change animation events.


Split your player into separated Sprites, then assign a variable like “armor_equipped” = 0,
For instance in Sword Sprite make animation named like “Sword_idle_0”, “Sword_run_0”, “Sword_attack_0” for 1 of your swords, then “Sword_idle_1” and so on…

Then check in GameScene if player.armor_equipped == 0 then Sword Sprite Animation must be “Sword_idle_” +player.VariableString(armor_equipped)


Thank you, was very useful, and sorry for the late, i was having some problems and so. thank you again :slight_smile: