How fast Gdevelop advances?


Hi, not so long ago I discovered Gdevelop 5, so I never used or knew about 4, 3, etc.

How fast Gdevelop updates? I want to know because one of things I’d like the engine to have are lights, and I think Gdevelop 4 had them before, am I right?

And with fluids, I could make a very specific game I have in mind, but as I told you, I’m just starting with Gdevelop overall and I’m mainly making sprites anyway.



Developers do not give release dates because there is no specific goal for each release.
The lighting system and many others are on the to-do list.
This can be done in a few days, like many months.
We cannot give dates because developers code on their free time.
If you want to know what we are currently on you will see it on the roadmaps in the “doing” section.


(Necropost bump) If anything, then in fact there are only 2 versions of GDevelop: GD4 and GD5. No GD1, GD2 and GD3 exist. I wrote this because beginners cannot know that there are only two versions


All versions exist :wink:
I’ve found GD 1.0.8504202 Beta in 11 Aug 2008, i think older version exist :wink:
You can download it and try it !


Uh, @Bouh, I meant the old GDevelop 4 and the new advanced GDevelop 5


That is not true. Every single one of them existed. And if you meant they do not exist anymore, you are wrong as they are still accessible from the GitHub.


Well, I understood. Then can someone explain to me in understandable language what the version numbers of “GDevelop 5” and “Gdevelop 4” (“Game Develop 4” in the past) mean?


GD5 have a new interface and new tech behind. These new tech allow to create a PWA. is a PWA.

GD4 - Topic
GD3 - Topic
GD2 - Topic


Thank you, @Bouh! Finally I understood!


@Bouh, it’s very first version of GDevelop, right?


Just the one I found that still works.
I think there are older versions, but the links are broken.


It’s a pity that the oldest versions can no longer be launched… It’s good that, as you said, there is one version that still works