How does an object with Text_AutoTyping start later?


Hello everybody. I am very new to this Community and the whole world of “Coding” - or whatever it is what I am doing there.

My question: I want to make a simple Text-Adventure, so I want to make simple scenes like

Object-Text: “You are standing in a street. What do you do?”

Object-Text1: “You go right.”
Object-Text2: “You go left.”

So I have three “texts”. The user can either click on the first or the second answer and the game continues. However: I would like to have that all three texts appear with “Text_AutoTyping”.

And now the question: How do I do it that my Answer number 1 appears AFTER the text “You are standing in a street. What do you do?” has appeared. (And when answer number 1 did appear, answer 2 should follow.)

I hope it is somehow clear what I am struggling with? Help would be greatly appreciated


get familiar with yarn / dialogue tree
The Wiki is a good start.


Thanks! I will read and try to understand this dialogue tree thingy.