How do I make my character glide?


Can someone help me? I want my character to glide if I press the space button. The character can only glide if it is going down. I also wanted to make it glide only if the key is pressed and if the key is released it will also stop the glide. Thank you in advance. :smile:


Maybe it can help you: Please, help me with some problems


Thanks but I can’t see where is the code for the player to glide. I just see things for animation. Thank you.


I used the animations as conditions to change gravity.
If you don’t have any animation differences between jump and glide, you need to change the conditions from animations to variables.

What you want to do looks a bit different, since you want to stop the glide with the condition key is released.

come to think of it, in your case it can be as easy as:


It help me a lot bro thanks, but I want a time cap into the glide. And I also want to stop the timer animation if it hits zero. I know its a lot but can you help me? Thanks again. I’m sorry about the screenshot