How do I make a 3d room effect in g develop?


Kinda like the sphere effect in construct 3 if you look it up. A perfect example is in the Five Nights At Freddy’s games with it’s 3d looking images. How do I make this effect in g develop?


3D is not supported on GDevelop 5 - this is only in the old GDevelop 4


FNAF is using prerendered images that it just scrolls through. Unless something changed in the later games, it is not doing any special images, just rendering a flat prerendered image that looks slightly conical.


I tried making real simple kinda fake 3d fps game with no knowledge and no art experience and ended up with this:

Made in few months from totally no experience in Gdevelop.
I think I horribly failed!! :grin::sweat_smile: