How do I Implement DLCs in Gdevelop?


Hello fellow devs. I would like to have extension packs for my game as Downloadable Content(DLC) and I would like insight on whether you think I would be able to implement this
with Gdevelop. I have seen that Gdevelop has a way to go to a link and also use the get and post methods of programming and I think that would be helpful in implementing DLCs but I haven’t done this before so if any of you has been succesful in implementing such I would appreciate if you provided me with insight or point me to the right direction,or whether or not you think its possible.Thanks


What might be easier is instead of downloading new content, the game comes with all the content but unlocks it for the player once a purchase has been confirmed. This tutorial gives an example of using http requests.


@Joshua Thank you so much for pointing me to this direction.I never thought of this before.Cheers.