Heroes of pixels (couch local pvp game)




	HERO SELECTION: now the text have differents colors (thanks "GDevloper 5" developers for making this possible!)
	Bug Fix: fixed some informations of mostly skills.

	- Strike skill cooldown 0.6 -> 0.5
	- Dash skill:
			- renamed to Shield Charge;
			- no longer stop when colliding with a enemy hero;
			- now the shield sprite change position when Dashing, to match the new match; 

	- Fireball skill cooldown 0.8 -> 0.6

	- Shoot skil cooldown 0.3 -> 0.4
	- Vault skill no longer stop when colliding with a enemy hero.

Thanks for all GDev5 developers of engine for amazing updates and fixed the compile build online so now I can make the Linux and MacOS version!!!


- New scoreboard using Trophies and others icons instead of numbers.
The scoreboard will use icons based in what game mode are you playing.
The amount of icons will be the same as need to win the game.
In the future the player will choose between 1-5 rounds to win the match, so this way will be displayed the right number of icons for the victory.


[0.0.7]Random Hero selection and Multilanguage Menu

- Character Selection scene now is based in vars, making more easy add more classes;
- Resumed the Credit List;
- "Press CONFIRM" text was altered, the two words are now splitted into different lines;
- Improved the buttons indicators in menus.

- Translation System working;
- New language: Brazillian Portuguese.

- RANDOM SELECTION: now you can random select your HERO, the random only selects non-selected heroes;
- HEROES now have the class name centered in the sprite;
- Adjusted a little the arrows indicators of HEROES and TEAM selection;
- BUG FIX: now when player 3 or 4 not bugging the amount of players in each team (making the game not end well or miss positioning the players).

- Now the bow z-order become higher when aiming down, to be more realistic.


Working a lot in the Beta version of “Heroes of Pixels”. Improved a lot the sprites and coding, more news soon.


Heroes of Pixels Beta is live now!

Beta build is live now !

As I said before the game could change, so I improved a lot. Basicly I remade almost all code to better performance and be able to expand the game.

New standard resolution : 640x360

Dual stick controls - now the game is controlled using the dual analogics of gamepad, so you use the Left stick to move the hero, Right stick to aim. So for now keyboard + mouse is not implemented. With dual stick now we can have a lot of new skills, like AoE (area of effects).

With Dual sticks, the new buttons to use skills are Bumpers/Triggers or L1-2/R1-2.

Remake of heroes - changed a lot the skills of each hero to match the Dual stick.

New heroes - Necromancer, Barbarian and Headhuntress.

And a lot of new things for the game, play, discorvery and have fun!

Download now!


I cant play, after launching I pressed L X A up down enter but nothing happens.


If are you using generic gamepads you can use x360ce (https://www.x360ce.com/) last build to fix it.


why you did not make keyboard controls.


I focused in making a cool and usable Aim System what I could do a lot of skills.

After a LOT of tests, I found dual stick gamepads-only the best way to do that, so no keyboard, because you need to press keys to move the hero, keys to aim and keys to use skills at same time (I could implement mouse+keyboard, but mouse+kb would have a huge advantage).