Here's A Post About Who I Am


Just a few facts about me -
I’m a sophomore in highschool.
I’m a type one diabetic.
I play and make music, my main instruments are guitar and keyboard.
I chose the name “Lonely Variety” because I’m a solo artist and a try different things in my music.
Some of my fave games are GTA San Andreas, LoZ Ocarina of Time 3d, Hotline Miami, and Persona 5.
I’m a type 1 diabetic.
That’s about it. Oh yeah I might be a bit weird too.


It’s nice! I compose music both for my future game “Lone Wanderer” and simply because of inspiration :blush:.

By the way, I am writing a story that will be the plot for my game, which I wrote about earlier. Your nickname is “Lonely Variety”, the title of my story is “Lone Wanderer” :blush:


What kind of game is it gonna be, I may have already read about it but Idk. I’m guessing it’s adventure, maybe because of the title.


Yes, you guessed! My story is just an adventure, but a little with tragedy and romance

To be honest, you definitely did not read my story, since it is STILL NO at Wattpad


I started following you on wattpad.