Hello, I decided to write about myself


Hello. Sorry I never introduced myself. My name is Diana and I really love games. Also, I live in Russia :blush:. You can read some of my story before game development here: GDevelop isn't popular?.

I, of course, very rarely work on 2 own projects: Megaman Zero Engine (created closer to the Megaman Zero series of games) and Freedom Planet Engine (created closer to the Freedom Planet series of games). The first project helped me @xisco, well, a little @gruk, @mayhemcats, @Bouh, @Nilarjun, @jddj, @piyushpalawat99 and @Katzen. Yes, guys, I called you because you supported me, prompted and helped. Although are trifles, but they comforted me when I could not do anything. Thanks you :slightly_smiling_face:!

I am a girl in life, but it may seem strange that I try to create games, since creating games is peculiar to guys only (maybe). It is a pity that there are not enough girls in gamemdev, but this is not about that now. I dream to create my own game (“Lone Wanderer” in past). The story of the game is (reminds a bit of the story of the fourth game in the “Megaman Zero” - “Megaman Zero 4” game series): a hero named Mark. He fights with evil androids. Later he meets a girl named Sophia, etc. The events of the story take place in the distant future - in the 22nd century A.D. I have been writing a story about Mark for a long time, but I still cannot create a game. I plan to create it according to my project “Megaman Zero Engine”, since the physics of the project will be recreated in a series of games, which was discussed above. Also, I plan to create a game based on another game - “Megaman Zero 4”. The game itself will be executed in the “Visual Novel” genre, and I have not yet came up with a name a specific name for my game :blush:.

In my free time I compose music, both for my game, and just when I get inspiration :blush:.

I have been sitting on the forum for a long time, but I’m not there very often - just help someone. I just love to help other people with the knowledge that I have :slightly_smiling_face:. In addition to helping people, I learn new things related to game development.

P. S: Sorry for writing a lot :blush:


I’m in love with this post…
I would love to have a gamedev woman partner in my life to settle down and do game things together :rainbow: i believe this is a dream of many people at least is one of mine.
Please write more often my greetings from Greece with love :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, but I do not suit you because of my age…


:joy: yes this is true :wink:


Fellow girl here. I love your post - thank you for sharing!

I love games too, and I have a soft spot for 2D. One of my proudest moments as a kid was beating Contra. :grin: To this day, my husband and I still consider sitting down to a game of Mario Kart a great date night!

I don’t think it’s strange at all that you try to create games - I want to try my hand at it too. The storyline you’ve created sounds so fun; I can’t wait to see Lone Wanderer come to life. And thank you for helping people when you can. Game development can be intimidating to newcomers, so friendly posts and replies go a long way to encouraging people to stick around.


Thank you very much! I plan to write my story first and then post it on Wattpad :grin:

I in life (I mean real) also love to help, but rarely, to be honest :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s true! There are a lot of good and kind people on the forum, really :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to read the story :blush:


Thanks for posting here! I don’t think it’s weird at all for you to want to gamedev. I hope that folks here will continue to encourage you and that you’ll post a devlog here if you feel inclined. I’m a total GDevelop newbie but it’s exciting how much can be created already. I think GDevelop has hit an inflection point with the ability to have third party plugins and extensions.


Maybe I should… delete my post :slightly_frowning_face:? I’m actually still “little” by my age (I hope you understand the subtext of my sentence) :pensive:. Do you think I should do it or not?


I think you worry too much, @diana23570 :smiley: :wink:


Of course, I understand, but I am… younger than everyone else on the forum :pensive:… I sometimes hesitate to ask for help from some, but this rarely happens. I am in this forum to help newcomers and those who do not understand some of the details


Don’t worry at all, and don’t hesitate to ask for help:)


Thank you for your kindness :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello. I don’t know which day I think about anime haters and the anime style in my future game… In my country there a lot of anime haters… I still don’t know what to do with the style of the game… I thought about replacing anime style with half-realism… It may seem strange to you, but… maybe I need to create even two versions of the game? The first version with anime stylistics, the second game - with the stylistics of half-realism