Hello Everybody! 😉


Hi, people. I’m Pixel15 and I had some experience with TGF to many years ago doing little games, but stopped. That was fun and a few months ago I started researching again about game engines and… here I am! hehe.

I have no idea how I could collaborate with something someday, because I don’t know nothing! But for now I’m swimming on the Wiki, Tutorials and reading the Forum to learn a little. And that’s it. :upside_down_face:


Hello fellow newcomers ! Same with me here , I have experience with another game engine and the I stop. And hen this game engine just slap my face saying " Hey , wanna make some game ?" So here I am ! Trying to make a game just like smash bros for fun, got any tips ? :v


Welcome! I hope you’ll like GDevelop and make awesome stuff :slight_smile:


it is good to hear! :grin: :+1:


Hello there, best of luck with your GDevelop projects!


Welcome to the GD community, I hope you enjoy creating games.


Tips? Hummm… I saw in your profile you are using Paint to make your sprites. You can find many another good and free softwares better then old paint. If you are using WINDOWS you can get Paint.Net. Is simple but have layers, more stuff and is easy. If you are using LINUX I recommend KRITA.

With my experience with TGF I think I can give one good tip for you: try to finish your games. Will be more fun later with 2 or 3 games finisheds then 9 or 10 unfinisheds. And will be better if you want to make a several analyze about aspects that you can improve in the next games. Unfinished games will not allow you to have a complete analysis.

Specifically about game like “Smash Bros” I don’t know how to help you. First I need learn more about Gdevelop… but good luck with your project. :v:


Welcome to the gdevelop 5 Community.


Welcome to gdevelop :))


Thanks man ! Good luck for you too


Welcome and good read of the GDEVELOP Wiki :smiley:


Welcome to the community, make sure to join the Discord as well!


Moin Moin :]
Have fun here.