Hello, everybody!


I discovered GDevelop a few days ago so I thought I’d join the community.

I’ve never actually created a game from scratch, but I have been editing and modding games for nearly 20 years (DOOM, Quake, Worms, etc). I also have programming experience, but nothing game related.

I look forward to learning more about GDevelop and getting to know you all.


Hello. Welcome to the GDevelop forum! If you want to learn how to create games, then you can visit the GDevelop Wiki or use the templates of the program itself. If you need help, do not be shy - there are many good people on the forum who will help and support you :slightly_smiling_face:.

P. S:

About modifying old games: to be honest, I also did that, but with old Java games - I changed textures in them and tried to replace music :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Later, I realized that these games, roughly speaking, no one needs :pensive:. For this reason, I left the modification of games in the past


Later, I realized that these games, roughly speaking, no one needs

I understand. Most of my work was for my own personal amusement, but I learned a lot about how games are created and organized. I’d rather hack on games than actually play them :wink:


I still dream of creating my own game “Lone Wanderer”. This is a game about a wanderer named Vent, who fights evil androids - Destroyers. The mechanics and style of the game will be similar to the mechanics and style of the “Megaman Zero” series of games (I hope you are familiar with this series). The plot of my future game will be my story with the same name - “Lone Wanderer”. I still do not know what to do with the sprites of the hero of the game, as I am not very good at drawing people - I can only draw in the style of “anime” (I hope that you will not be angry because there are haters of the genre and style “anime”)


Do what you like the most:) I’m sure most people(who don’t really like that genre) wouldn’t mind sprites which are anime-styled, or you can go for a cartoon-anime mix kind of art.


Thank you for the advice, @Nilarjun. You see, people, for example, who like the series of games “Megaman Zero” and “Azure Striker Gunvolt” do not pay attention to the anime style. These people, in addition to graphics, like gameplay - the most important thing, in my opinion, in any game


@diana23570 - If you spend all your time worrying about haters you’ll never get your anime-style sprites done :stuck_out_tongue: I see no reason why that style of artwork wouldn’t go great with the game you described, so I say go for it and let the haters hate.


Thank you so much, @Nilarjun and @jddj. You are very kind to me and supported me, so thank you again :slight_smile: