GTA - like game (community project)


I don’t have extensive experience with GDevelop, but I am software developer and I’d like to join.

I can’t manage to join the Discord channel, it says “Invite Invalid” and points me to this page:

On discord: paulera#3558



I think a game of iron age will be good because to make a true gta game it require to many objects (because of modern objects) which will make the game heavy and unmanageable on event sheet.
sorry i didnt read entire timeline and it appears it has already begun.




In reference to graphic used-

lets do a assumption in a particular GDevelop scene
we will have around
80 objects as environment
10 working objects related to player
50 civilian and enemies
20 on screen data UI and effects
5 objects as weather and climate
5 vehicles with ai
20 civillian vehicles
as total 190 objects with detailed graphics may create a problem as game grows. comment on it. just throwing light.
and it will slow down animation.


I have a issue
link to my message.:point_down:


You can join the server here