GTA - like game (community project)


I don’t have extensive experience with GDevelop, but I am software developer and I’d like to join.

I can’t manage to join the Discord channel, it says “Invite Invalid” and points me to this page:

On discord: paulera#3558



I think a game of iron age will be good because to make a true gta game it require to many objects (because of modern objects) which will make the game heavy and unmanageable on event sheet.
sorry i didnt read entire timeline and it appears it has already begun.




In reference to graphic used-

lets do a assumption in a particular GDevelop scene
we will have around
80 objects as environment
10 working objects related to player
50 civilian and enemies
20 on screen data UI and effects
5 objects as weather and climate
5 vehicles with ai
20 civillian vehicles
as total 190 objects with detailed graphics may create a problem as game grows. comment on it. just throwing light.
and it will slow down animation.


I have a issue
link to my message.:point_down:


You can join the server here


Can I still join. I don’t have alot of experience with git or github. But, I can help with art, game mechanics, code, optimization.


Sure, click on the link above and join the adventure. :wink:


Thanks, I joined the game.


Can i Still Join Im The Person Who Made A Game With Your Among Us Example(HATTORIX Studios) And i Made A Game based On GTA - Gameboy Advance Edition And it was good heres a image:

so please can i join!


yes of course you can join, anyone willing to contribute can also join :slight_smile:


Hi! I am interested in contributing to a shared project, but I have a few questions on the goal of the proyect:

  • It will be just a GTA I clone? In my opinion, it is not about reinventing the wheel, but I have already seen many GTA clones of different qualities, and I do not know to what extent people would want to play another clone. Maybe it would be more attractive to give it some original or different touch to the atmosphere to make it more appealing. I don’t know, maybe a fantasy environment, dystopian or futuristic, like a space base, instead of a modern city.
  • Are the NPCs going to have intelligence (vital routines and objectives based on Finite state machines, for example) or are they just going to move around the city randomly?
  • Is there going to be any story or objective in the game? Missions and sub-missions? Will there be any RPG or character development elements? Character customization?
  • Is there going to be a defined graphic style for all assets (art direction)?



We used the reference “gta like” to give people an idea of what and the the game would be like. Our map design and asset style is no where similar to the one in gta, same for our story, when implemented. We plan to add more features than Gta 1 and 2 (hopefully).

We plan add AI for the npc’s, for now they would move around the city randomly behaving normally, they can be provoked into a fight And hopefully have ammunitions.

Yes, we would have a story, (the story is currently in development). What’s the point of an open world game without missions, :sweat_smile: so we would have missions. at the moment it could be up to 50 missions. For the character customisation, no discussion has been made for that yet due to the characters asset. But be rest assured that it would be available.

Yes we have a definite graphics style, which has high resolution. Therefore we try to minimise or completely prevent the pixel art in the game.