Genres and ideas for project templates for GDevelop


Hello. I decided to create a topic with a list of genres and ideas for project templates. Here is the list itself (not all genres, subgenres and ideas):

  1. Match-3
  2. Rouge-like
  3. FPS (First person shooter)
  4. Metroid (as game genre)
  5. Castlevania (as game genre, will be soon (maybe) thanks to @Silver-Streak)
  6. Megaman (as game genre)
  7. VN (Visual Novel)
  8. Strategy
  9. RPG (Role playing game)
  10. Action
  11. TPS (Third person shooter)
  12. Fighting
  13. Beat’em up (like previous genre)
  14. Slasher
  15. Arcade (for example is pinball)
  16. Graphical quest
  17. Puzzle
  18. Rhythm-games
  19. Hack’n’slash RPG
  20. Piano tiles (as genre)
  21. Dress-up (as genre, but please, don’t laugh at me)
  22. Dragon Hills (as genre)
  23. Slither(.)io (as genre)
  24. Mario Music Maker (as genre, it’s may be program or game for kids)
  25. Fruit Ninja (as genre)
  26. Bubble shooter
  27. Live2D clone - live character (as idea and this program, I could not resist and therefore added it to this category. One day I’ll create something like this…)
  28. Shoot’em up (especially you need to add this for beginners who want to create games of this genre. The reason - beginners do not know how to make a character shoot both left and right)
  29. Dialogue system (as idea)
  30. Pac Man
  31. Virtual Pet (as genre)
  32. Game with avatar creator
  33. Megaman Battle Network style game
  34. Special Stage from Sonic the hedgehog games. There are two variants: from Sonic the hedgehog and from Sonic Advance 2

Please, don’t be mad at me - I just want to help GDevelop :pensive:


Thanks for doing this - what are you suggesting we do with these ? :slight_smile:


I want to suggest these genres in order to create templates for GDevelop :blush:


Hello Diana

While I also think it’d be amazing for templates on each of these, it would probably be either very difficult, or very unlikely, for templates to be made for each type of game.

(Additionally, GDevelop 5 is not capable of 3D, so a First or Third Person Shooter would be near impossible)

For the rest, many of these have large overlap: Castlevania, Metroid, and Megaman are all just platformers that have different set ups for levels.

With this said, maybe it would be better off trying to figure out examples for the unique features? The Platformer example in GD5 already covers platformers, but maybe tutorials around “enemy weaknesses” for Mega Man, large map handling for Metroid, etc. They still wouldn’t be templates, they would have tutorials on the GD5 Wiki.

That said, I have no relationship to the GDevelop team other than a user/fan.

If they want me to change stuff on the Not-A-Vania example so it could be reusable/adopted as a template, I’d be happy to help.


Regarding First person shooter, it could be a target shooter in first person view though, something like this maybe:


Why not add this template to GDevelop? I personally think that your project will attract more attention to GDevelop, since it is unusual. I certainly could be wrong, but this is my opinion


Maybe it is looks cool but not very practical really. It is a mess, I did not plan to share the source originally when I made it. I was actually considering to create a new target shooter example at some point…