GDevelop5.0.0-beta79 - Simulate jump key press?


“Simulate jump key press” missing in Brazilian Portuguese language.


Yes it’s strange Oo, maybe this is not yet translated ?


Au Brésil, on simule moins qu’ailleurs…


Let’s keep discussions in English please to make sure everyone feel included :slight_smile:
I’m not sure to understand the issue, both text are translated right? If there is an error, can you search the text and report it on Crowdin?


when english language is set we can see action in list, keep the action in eventsheet, switch to Brazilian Portuguese language, and edit this action, focus should show action in list but it’s not.
It’s a bit like this Issue #1176 but only in this language.


This is because the string “Simulate jump key press” is wrongly translated to the same title as the “Simulate up key press”:

I’ve fixed this in translations, will be in next versions.
EDIT: Well I don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese so I took a Google Translate translation, feel free to suggest something else :wink:

Ideally the interface should still show both, even if they have the same title - I can take a quick look at this.