GDevelop music improvements testing


Hello GDevelop community!
I worked on “rewriting” the audio system to add some caching and actual preloading to it, and potentially memory optimizations. Sadly, with many changes come often bugs and regressions.
That is why I would appreciate if you could try the changes out!

To do so, simply start a preview (online builds won’t work) of one of your project using a test build, and check if everything is working properly. Try also to use the new preloading by checking preloading in the audio resource properties.
Please report any slowdown, crash, or unintended/changed behavior.
If everything is working fine, please also tell so that we know it got tested.

Here are the builds:
REDACTED LINKS, use the latest in the topic

Thank you very much, and happy development with GDevelop!


First form post so sorry if I brake any rules (I made sure to read the guidelines).

The issue I found was unless the music is preloaded. The song of the previous scene will play continue playing even after you switch scenes.


I tried it in my project.
Stop music and sounds on startup, no longer works, even without preload. Repeat music/sound, and change channel volume of music/sound did not work. Set global sound level worked.
I can’t say that my audio events are optimally arranged, but they work this way in b101.

Is there a reason why sounds and music are separate?
My experience was you can use it synonymous.


Thank you both for your feedback! I’ll look into those issues.

The difference is that sounds are using a custom sound library for loading the audio file while the music use the built in browser method. I think the browser one can begin playing while not totally loaded.


Here is an updated build for windows (I didn’t get the time to build for other platforms): REDACTED LINK, use the latest in the topic

Could you try again with it please? Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:


Repeat and Volume of “Play a music file on a channel” definitely does not work, not even in a new project.


Weird, I cannot replicate this at all. It works without issues for me.



Ah I see. The problem seems to happen the first time the music is played as it probably is still loading and cannot set the stuff properly.


Ok I think I fixed all the issues, could you try again please?


Works so far, but i found another situation where Repeat doesn’t work.
When you play a music on a channel. Then pause and start another scene. Then go back to the previous scene and play a music on a channel again, the music is only played once.
In b101 it works.
(Play the Music OF a channel after coming back, doesn’t seem to be an alternative. At the channel pause/change it forgets what was in a channel.)