GDevelop isn't popular?


Hello. Today I decided to look on the Internet for the best game creation engines. Actually, I live in Russia, but Construct 2, Unity, Cry Engine, Game Salad, etc. are considered popular engines here. Of course, I can continue the list, but this is what I could find on the Internet. Most importantly, no one has specified GDevelop 5?! Yes, this engine has several functions less than its relative Construct 2, which is half free, that is, freemium.

Since my childhood I loved playing different games, no… I ADORED and ADORE playing them. I do not remember exactly when I wanted to create games, but that was for me a long time ago. I tried various engines, such as (please, do not laugh) Pocket Code and Scratch, but mostly the first one. Then I switched to Construct 2, but it turned out that it had limitations, which made me throw it. I later tried (please, do not laugh again) Construct Classic. On the Internet, I RANDOMLY stumbled upon a certain engine called GDevelop. It is this engine that I use now because it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Back to the topic. It was a small and without much detail my story. As for GDevelop 5, is it really possible for someone to choose Construct 2, someone for Unity, and someone for Godot, but not to notice a free alternative to all this, whose name is GDevelop 5?!

Hello, I decided to write about myself

Hey) I’ve found this engine by chance about a week ago watching some youtube video. Though the engine is pretty decent there’s not much advertising out there I suppose.
IDK how old is this whole project but I think it just needs some more time to get the audience it deserves


Yea, it’s all because it’s not advertised much. Unlike most other engines, this is open-source, that is, anyone can contribute and enhance it’s features. It’s a for the community, by the community kind of engine and I love it:) It has great potential!


I believe GDevelop is in development since 2008. It is not only about advertisement, today the competition is huge. Never before was so many options out there for people interested in game development.

GDevelop is one of the best options for those who don’t know how to code or don’t want to code and looking for a free and open-source engine, I’m pretty sure every single person out there looking for specifically a no coding, free option do try GDevelop. It is among the first results in search engines.

However, to those who don’t mind learning to code or don’t mind spending money on the engine there are better options out there. The reason can be many things. Some people may need better performance or hardware support that only a native engine can provide. Others need more monetization options or support for certain services that GDevelop can not provide and others need features that simply not available in GDevelop, there is always something.

Considering GDevelop is being developed only in spare time by a single developer from 0 budget using 3rd party technologies I think it is doing great. Capable to support many type of games on many devices and it is being used in schools and sometime even professionals, experienced coders and game developers give it a try but obviously can not compete with other engines that is being developed in full time by paid developers often using custom technologies.

If it does fit you and your project, that"s great but don’t have the illusion you found the holy grail. Sooner or later you all going to need a feature or support for a service or hardware that GDevelop can not provide and can’t even expect it to be added simply because of the fact it is built on top of 3rd party technologies in spare time from 0 budget and you all going to have no choice but to move on to something else.

But you are always welcome to come back any time to support this friendly community and people who only getting started with game making.


To be honest, I plan to create my game “The Lonely Wanderer” on GDevelop 5, because Construct 2 is good, but it is PAID, but GDevelop 5, on the contrary, is absolutely FREE


I think the missing tile-map feature makes GD more or less automatically fall through for many (even if one does account how f.e. in Godot tilemaps are a pain in the back), since this is f.e. the big thing in rpg-maker, click and be done.
Then comes the lack of advertisement


I love Gdevelop and how it is constantly being improved. I think there is a certain level that it will reach then we can all start promoting it and sharing about it even more. Then it will become really popular.

Someone needs to add it as a recommended engine on (or maybe someone has already tried.)

This can be done here at suggest a tool:

I would do it myself but it would be if someone official filled in everything.


A good idea for a boost to the development process can be the kikstarter platform


GDevelop is like a rare diamond, if you know where to dig. As a project being maintained by few people, the community who uses it can help talking about it to others on the web :slight_smile:


Hi. I purchased Construct2 about 3 years ago. Tried it for a month and chucked it. GDevelop is super!!!


Of course, @mail2elr! GDevelop FOREVER!!!