GDevelop for... animations


Hello. A few days ago I had a question: is it possible to use GDevelop for… animations. I do not mean cut scenes with the participation of the heroes of a game, but the usual animation, in other words, a cartoon. So is it possible to use GDevelop in addition to games to create animations?

P. S: Please do not laugh, but I’m really interested


Hmm… That’s actually a good question, I can see the process of making animation with gdevelop in my head but it’s not like normal animation, it will be like a story, I mean when you look at games you can see and feel the story through animations so why not with a cartoon? I’d say it’s possible to make a story out of an animation you draw before on other programs and tell the story (cartoon) through gdevelop …
But you can’t animate inside gdevelop (you can but very basic stuff) but if we are talking about real animation work then gdevelop is not for animating pictures but for the process of moving and controlling these pictures.
At the end I’d say it’s possible but with help with other programs (spriter - photoshop etc…) with some events to move these animation and some text and you got yourself an animation (with the help of gdevelop).
For example:-
1- you create your animations and scene with spriter
2- you add that in gdevelop
3- add (text-story-music etc…)
3- combine that with events-some cool camera movement etc…
4- and I think you might get something out of this … but after all that’s just guessing.


I would like to tell you a little about animation in GDevelop. In fact, I plan to create a scene of an alternative ending to the game “Megaman Zero 4” (I hope you know the series of games “Megaman Zero”). Many months ago I wrote a fanfiction, “Megaman Zero 4: If Zero came back …”. Once I came up with the thought - why not create an animation according to your fan fiction

P. S:

I know about basic stuff, but I think I can to create not bad animation, maybe… :thinking:


Yeah I know Megaman that’s a very cool idea, Yup I’m sure you can get something decent with this, I think It’s very possible actually the more I think about it, it will just take some time and planning that’s all but you can do it I’m sure!


For the first time in my life, I met perhaps the only person who knows the “Mega Man” series on GDevelop Forum, and maybe the “Megaman Zero” too… I mean you, @CorianderGames


Mega man is so cool! how could no one knows about it!
I think they even released a new game for it too, haven’t tried it yet but a lot say that It’s really cool!
Here it is:


Do you know about the “Megaman Zero” game series?

P. S: To be honest, I’m actually a former Zero fan girl :face_with_hand_over_mouth:… I still can’t forget about him, because he is such a handsome guy, although he is a Reploid, but I do not care…


Haven’t really played them but of course I know about the series and I did watch it a lot when I was a kid.
Well I really hope you make your idea happen with some cool animation and story, it’s a very cool idea, you just keep at it and it will happen I’m sure :slight_smile:


The reason I wrote fanfiction: it’s just that at the end of “Megaman Zero 4”, Zero… tragically dies. For the fans it was too painful… I will try to create an animation that would be like this is really an alternative ending to the game…


Ah I see, that’s a cool idea!


In case you want to make some sort of cartoon, animated movie, I think Synfig Studio would be a better option:

It is designed to do exactly that, but could use even Blender, with 2.8 it is also got 2D support now for making 2D animations:

You could make the entire animation in one of the above software and then export either as video or a series of PNG or JPG images.
Then, if you would like to add some player interaction like the user could choose what to do and the movie would progress according to what the user chooses, then you could use the animations rendered in Synfig Studio or Blender inside GD to add the logic.

But in case you would prefer to use a game engine for whatever reason, even Godot would be a better option with the built-in animation tools:
And there is also Unreal, which also often used to make animation movies.

Anyhow, I would not recommend to use GD as an animation software.


Thanks, @ddabrahim. I’ll try Synfig because this program looks like not so hard in use