Gdevelop auto update bugged?


I’m using Gd beta 100 and I don’t want to update to any recent version so I checked disable auto download and install updates but every time I go out of Gd it just updates it regardless of whether I have “disable auto download and install updates” active or not …
Is there a way to fix this?


That’s weird. You can try to modify the shortcut to launch GDevelop with the argument -disable-update-check. Why do you want to stay on an older version btw?


@arthuro555 That’s a cool solution, I added in the target after a space … hopefully it’ll make it work.

I started working on puffball with beta 50 I think (could be 40), so I was updating since then and suddenly after beta 100 I get weird problems that I just don’t have the time to fix so I just thought to stick with beta 100 as it’s very stable for the game and I’ll update when I work on newer project.
And I almost don’t really need any new stuff from the new features as it’s not used in puffball.
But will definitely check it out with newer upcoming projects.