Gdevelop 5 Windows/Linux 32 bits



I open this thread for the lastest users/dinosaur on 32 bits OS.
You will found in this first post list of Gd5 releases for Windows 32 bits (Nothing for Linux but if you have build your own version i can list here)

These versions don’t have any official support, nor optimisations, nor advantages but can have specific
bug with 32 bits.
This is a unstable build, do not use as official build, and not support will be provided on this build.

For build you own version you need add this code in “GDevelop\newIDE\electron-app\package.json”
Just before “mac” add :

"linux": {
  "target": [
      "target": "deb",
      "arch": [
"win": {
  "target": [
      "target": "nsis",
      "arch": [

And build with electron see here.

Patch notes and official download :
Gdevelop Github

GDevelop 5, 32 bits :

How to re-compile Gdeveop 5 for 32-bit windows?
Version x86/32-bits
How do I install the Linux version on Chromebook?
[Solved] Export android problem
How do I install the Linux version on Chromebook?

Can you please support 32-bit OS, again?

Will you continue to upload the 32-bit version of the latest releases to



Here new version

Patch note on Github


Thank you, but I do not want to bother you on each new release.

Can 4ian please release 32-bit version on GitHub?

Also, I am having problems downloading from Amazon Web Services.

Can you please upload releases to mirror sites?

Thanks, again.


This is not really supported so nothing is officially supported.
What mirror website you think ?
I upload my 32bits on Mega (Previously Megaupload)


Can you please upload to GitHub alternative like or

Or, do you have a Google Drive folder like Lizard-13?

Thank you.


New release, uploaded on Google Drive


Here new version

Patch note on Github


Here new version beta 82

Patch note on Github


Here new version beta 87, and for first time 32bits for linux (Debian)

Patch note on Github


Thanks Bouh ^^
I thought you’ll make it Monday lol


Thanks @Bouh for these builds.

Does anyone succeed to use the B87 Linux 32bits on Raspbian Buster (raspbian pi desktop ?) ?


Obviously it wouldn’t work, raspberry pis are using the ARM architecture, not the x32.


It’s why i asked about the “pi desktop” version :

It’s Rapsbian, but for low end PC/Mac, and 32 bits only from what i know (it seems the x64 distro is coming soon).
I already installed it on few PC, but never tested yet if GD could work on it and i’m thinking about it. I love recycling old computers, and it’s always a good exercice to develop/test performance on extrem low spec computers :slight_smile:

Btw, Gdevelop for ARM architecture might be awesome :slight_smile: