GDevelop 5 tutorial Youtube channel


These tutorials have helped me to understand better how the games are created with gdevelop 5, so far I have not had problems in the first game I am working on, when I finish making the games I also plan to open a channel on YouTube for Explain how I made each game. This is the list of tutorials with which I am learning to use gdevelop 5 better and that I recommend:



-Simple Platformer Enemy AI:

-How To Make Simple Level Up System:

-How To Make Object Change Direction Randomly (4 Directions and every directions):

-Jumpy The Spider + Assets:

-How To Make Music Works Properly In Mobile Game (HTML)

GDevelop - How To Make Player Attack And Shoot Projectiles (BioMechanic Man Boy Style)

GDevelop - How To Make Simple Menu And “Cutscene”

GDevelop - How To Make Simple Endless Runner (Small example)

GDevelop - How To Make Simple Jump Pressure Control (or something like that)

GDevelop - How To Make Wall Jumping

GDevelop - How To Make a Simple Flappy Bird Scoring System

GDevelop - How to make a simple torch (light and fire)

GDevelop - How to grab ledges, climb straight up ladders (And laser thingy)

GDevelop - The Effect Of Trigger Once Condition

GDevelop - How To Pick Up, Drop And Throw a Weapon

GDevelop - How To Create a Text And Make It Follow The Player (Variables)

GDevelop - Happy New Year 2017! (Fireworks)

GDevelop - A Very Simple Fruit Ninja Wanna Be

A Very Simple Stamina Bar

How To Make Player Name

Camera Tutorials/Examples

Very, Very Simple Example About Alternative Endings

Zooming in & out:

Spawning enemies & random numbers:

Hp & Lives:

Different Attack Animations:

Dead Animation Using Body Parts:

How To Make a Simple “Boost Attack For Adjacent Cards” Thing:

Fade In/Out:

Camera X & Y Position And Camera With Limits

Vertically Moving Platform Problem

How To Make A Boss Fight:

How To Make A Simple Hp Using Tiled Sprite Object:

RPG Grid Based Movement:

How To Attach Body Parts Together:

Tank & Turret:

Small Example Game: Yeti The Climber!
RPG Battle system example:

  1. I didn’t say it is bad to do tutorials but that there are many. That means that he should be careful to not do a tutorial for something already existing, to not have an overflow of tutorials.
  2. I said on YouTube, why do you include blogger links?
  3. Many tutorials won’t always help. If some random kid (I don’t say that Starpack or any one here is one) records himself doing the stuff that is already in an example, it won’t help as everyone already has the resources researched. What is needed is not thousands of questionable quality tutorials (If someone says “k I’m doing tutorials tommorow real quick” it doesn’t seem serious) but well though videos with a written script on a new subject, or a series explaining the entire engine to beginners, like the french YouTuber MATHIEU did with unreal engine, not a “how to make a dating Sim in GDevelop” genre of tutorials where you don’t actually learn how to use GDevelop but just showing a thing you can do with it.


I agree. The tutorials have helped me make it this far. Without them I would be lost. More is better. I know there are more in-depth tutorials just waiting to be created such as particles and many other types.


@arthuro555 You should be a little nicer to people, no one is obliged to read your rudeness, honestly if he can’t write English correctly, that doesn’t mean he can’t make a brilliant tutorial, just my opinion.


The way I see it, it doesn’t hurt to have many tutorials on the same subject because everyone teach and explain things differently and one explanation may doesn’t fit everyone especially complete beginners. If you think you can explain something better, I see no reason why not to try it.

But I agree on that, there is a potential risk of good quality tutorials being lost among lots of poor quality tutorials but when someone attempt to make tutorials we should never say NO just because of that. Instead, GD should have a page dedicated to feature the ones that are considered to be one of the best explaining certain topics and only 1 for each topic and kindly provide a link to all others on the wiki as well. Maybe it is something worth considering @4ian because indeed there is the potential risk the wiki is going to be flooded with links to lots of poor quality tutorials and good ones going to be lost among them.

Also if someone made a poor quality tutorial it doesn’t mean the creator should stop and never look back. What the creator need is constructive criticism so he or she can improve the tutorials.


For now there is no filtering on the wiki related to tutorials, but would be great to filter the really good one into a “recommended” section that is emphasised. Anyone can do a tutorial and you are very welcome to do so :slight_smile: But quality may vary, so we should put the stress on the best ones.


I’m developing a professional platform game with 10 episodes. A comprehensive course can be done but it will be long and laborious. But simple, fluent and different lessons can be good. Maybe in the future…


number of things we can do with a game engine and games and samples we can create : unlimited!
number of gdevelop gamemakers tutorials : less than 80
number of gdevelop official tutorials : less than 400
number of gdevelop tutorials need update and remake : less than 60
number of people are rude with some one they don`t even know : 1

number of people that don`t care about upper things and always say thanks to whom spend a bit of his/her life to help us as much as can ( even little ) : unknown!


Yes you are right,

This is a tutorial on pause menu

This is also a tutorial on pause menu

This tutorials show how to create a pause menu but with different methods.


I’m sorry if I was rude, but I just am like this, I express my opinion honestly even if it is a rude opinion. I can’t help it but be like that because that is who I am and I can’t change even if I wanted to.


Well then just don’t Express your self it’s not obligatory to do so. Cause I myself don’t like rude people.


Can we go back in main subject ?
You can use PM between you guys :sunny:


Well this is interesting. I have to say, despite the amount of GDevelop tutorials one may find, which usually solve specific requests or simplify topics to create technical recipes of some sort, what most users of this engine need right now is a structured course or series of lectures that truly answer how you can use GDevelop in a complete pipeline for game development. This obviously has more scope (and it’s more difficult) than a traditional tutorial.

Since the target demographic for this engine range from absolute beginner to hobbyist (although there are a few pro developers lurking and using the engine, make no mistake), we usually see the same questions over and over, simply because there is a lack of understanding in the foundations of computational thinking and logic programming among other core knowledge.

A tutorial by definition does not make you think, it makes you do, and in that sense it’s important to consider what would be the appropriate method to deliver the content you want to create as well.

Since it’s rare to see existing professional game developers willing to use a new engine that has such specific constraints such as visual, event-sheet style, programming (particularly if they come from commercial engines) it would be nice to see someone tackle these issues in a more professional, production proven, way.

That said, I do have to agree with some of the comments that making tutorials “just because” might not be entirely productive, not only for the content creator himself but also for the community at large so a bit of research and proper content structure should be expected when creating this type of content (and your viewers will expect it as well).

I’ve personally taught 3D animation and technology for kids, teenagers and professionals and I know how hard it is to create cohesive content for peer consumption, so you’re in for a lot of work if you want to do it right.

In the future I’m considering joining the proverbial fray to also help create learning content for GDevelop when I have some time myself, but for now I think more than asking others if you should do it, ask yourself if you’re willing to put the effort required to make these tutorials the best they can be, regardless of what others can think.

Either way, don’t be discouraged by the upcoming effort and good luck with this endeavor! :v::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, the questions are often the same.
Let’s try to make a list of them, it’s important to know what needs to be improved!

New users I don’t know where they come from or if they follow a written wiki tutorial, a youtube video, or if they try the software directly.

The question is how users find the resources to learn.
Because it is clear that they use them badly, or that they do not find them, otherwise we would not have X question on same subject.

So users have trouble with it (If you have idea add it to this list, copy/paste the list) :

  • Audio files that do not work as they wish because they do not read the message/description. Difference between music and sound.
  • Video files, which require interaction before the video can be played back.
  • The multitouch which has different conditions than the mouse.
  • The gamepad/controllers that are via an extension.

We need more visibility, here a mockup


what you are talking about in the first part of your comment, is something similar that Epic’s Unreal Academy. I would be wery happy, if I would see somebody here made the GDevelop Academy. in similar detail and similary demanding than Epic does! and of course it needs to be “official” somehow. this would be great! if anybody plannig to do something like this, I recommend look at it first. its totally free.


there is a misunderstanding about GDevelop.
before I came here, I’m looking for an easy to use “drag and drop” game engine, which does not require any programming knowledge. I found the “Gamefromscratch” YT channel ( ) which is known almost all of the exixting game engines, and it is up to date. so I thought he knew what he was talking about. he told somewhere, that GDevelop is one of them. I belived him. after a few weeks of trying and failing, I had to realize that he was wrong. then I looked at GDevelop’s home page more carefully, and I could not find any reference to this.

GDevelop never promised that you do not need programming knowledge!

I just want to say that everyone has found this wonderful software differently, and unfortunately, not always clear what the situation is.


It is the goal of GDevelop to be a software that let anyone create games without the need to learn a programming language. It is what the creator 4ian said, and as somebody who runs a “game making club”, I can tell that it hit that goal. Of course if you want to create advanced stuff you need to code, but in most cases you won’t need to. Why do you think there is the need to know how to code for using GDevelop? Where do you even use code?


It is the basic algorithmic that we need in GD, it’s just small logic, users need to take the time to pose the problem and think about how to fix it.
To do this users need to know the fundamentals and concept of the engine it is not something you can invent.
I think we need to promote the concepts through a step-by-step tutorials inside GD.
This way it’s official and contributors can improve it over time.


I don’t know exactly what you mean by “code”. I didn’t mention code anywhere. what I’m talking about is the basics of programming.
in other worlds:

since then I see people facing the same problems that i ran into. to ask the same questions over and over again: “why this isn’t working, when it should”. human logic Vs computer logic.


Oh, ok sorry that was because games from scratch described it at something where there is no need to code so I misunderstood you.